Civil Aircraft Indusrty

In the next two decades, Chinese civil aircraft market will have a strong demand rate, including 4631 trunk airliners and 726 regional aircrafts, valuing at $648.1 billion, and the civil aircraft capacity will increase by 25%. As one of the national 13th Five Year Plan and Made in China 2025 key development projects, the aerospace manufacturing industry has also become a national strategic industry.

Following the industry policy and market dynamics, we have successfully held 8 times CAIIF since the year of 2009, and have done a great job of the organization of the keynotes, preparation for the panel sessions as well as engaging local and international academia and industry, and received a very positive reaction from the attendees.

This year, we will continue to create a platform for communication, cooperation, and innovation, promote the exchange of between domestic and overseas practitioners , find opportunities for cooperation among enterprises, through forms of keynote speeches ,interactive discussions, exhibitions and one-on-one business meetings, to understand the technological development and market demand for cutting-edge development of civil aerospace manufacturing industry, and jointly contribute to the progress of it.