Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum Organizing Committee members:

The Chinese Organizations:
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design And Research Institute
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co.,Ltd
AVIC Aircraft Co., Ltd
AVIC Aircraft Design And Research Center
China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co.,Ltd
AVIC General Aircraft Design And Research Institute
AVIC Helicopter Design And Research Institute 
AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Corporation Ltd
AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Corporation Ltd 
AVIC Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Corporation Ltd
AVIC Jiangxi Hongdu Commercial Aircraft Co.,Ltd 
AVIC Chengdu Commercial Aircraft Co.,Ltd
AVIC Shenyang Commercial Aircraft Company Limited
China Aviation Industry General Aircraft(North China) Co.,Ltd 
China Aviation Industry General Aircraft(South China) Co.,Ltd
CAAC Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center
Center of Aviation Safety Technology, CAAC
Chongqing General Aviation Co.,Ltd.
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The Foreign Organizations:
Airbus Group
Boeing Group
United Aircraft Corporation
Bombardier Aerospace 
Embraer Aerospace
Textron Group
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