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Esterel Technologies is a global provider of the model-based solutions and certification service for safety-critical system and software development. Esterel Technologies established in 1999 in Elancourt and was acquired by ANSYS as its wholly owned subsidiary in 2012.More than 300 customers come from a diverse range in aerospace, defense, rail transportation, nuclear and manufacturing industries rely on SCADE product family which includes SCADE System, SCADE Suite, SCADE Display, SCADE Test and SCADE Lifecycle.With the conceptions of MBSE and MBDV, SCADE products could define requirements by formal methods and automatically generate certified C/Ada code, to realize the automatic development process. It could benefit users from quality promotion, efficiency improvement, shortening period and costs reduction.

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Seco Tools has an established reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of carbide cutting tools and associated equipment. Seco Tools has distributors and agents in more than 50 countries and areas, 45 wholly owned subsidiaries and 8 R&D center worldwide. Seco Tools (Shanghai) Co., LTD was established in 1995. As one of the wholly owned subsidiaries, there are branch offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Xi’an, Chongqing, Wuhan and Shenzhen, and liaisons in more than 30 cities, the sales and service team covers the whole great China.
Seco Tools integrates the business of R&D, production and sales of metal cutting tools. The product range covers turning, milling, drilling, reaming and boring. The products have been broadly used in the industries of automotive, aerospace, energy, general machining, mould & die and medical, etc. Seco is well known as “the Master of Milling”. With the capability of total solution for machining, Seco serves well as a reliable partner of customer, and contributes to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing cost.

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西安势加动力科技有限公司坐落于中国首个国家级航空高技术产业基地——西安阎良国家航空高技术产业基地,陕西省发改委重点鼓励扶持企业。截止2014年底已完成项目一期投资伍仟万元,一期厂房占地面积5000平方米。公司业务聚焦于航空发动机、燃气轮机、航天动力、船舶推进、能源动力、透平压缩机、涡轮增压、制冷/热泵压缩机、透平膨胀机、能量回收透平、核电、水电、新能源装备等高端装备制造业应用领域。 公司已经拥有国内领先的研制条件,具备研制件和试验件的工艺方案编制和优化、特殊工装夹具设计与制造、特殊工艺外协、转子总装等配套工艺技术,用心为行业客户提供专业全面的一体化服务。

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