According to the forecast, in the next two decades, China civil aircraft market will need at least 6330 new aircrafts, worth USD 950 billion. The expansion of civil aviation scale will encourage the growth of aero engine related requirements. In the next 10 years, China civil aero engine sales demand is expected to reach more than RMB480 billion and the demand of corresponding maintenance and replace parts service will reach more than RMB320 billion. Over the next two decades, demand of China aero engine and gas turbine will exceed RMB2 trillion, civilian market will be RMB1.5 trillion. Engine parts, assembly and high temperature alloy materials will boom.

After Made in China 2025 and Two-MachineSpecial Program issued, aero engine industry is expected to obtain above one hundred billion yuan special funds to support the domestic aero engine R&D and manufacturing. Combined with the matching funds, there will be more than 200 billion yuan to support aero engine in the next five years. Under this strong support of policies and funding, aero engine industry will step into the historical opportunity.

In order to improve the domestic aero engine technical reserves and subcontract production, parts R&D capacity and ensure the advancement, economy and airworthiness of aero engine, "China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Summit 2016" (hereinafter CAPTS 2016) will be held on May 25th and 26th ,2016 in Guiyang city. As an annual event, it will share the latest industry insights, and hope the CAPTS 2016 series activities can bring you the maximum value.

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