Year of 2015, the C919, China's first domestically developed large civil aircraft, rolled off the final assembly line in Shanghai on November.

Year of 2016, "the Belt and Road Initiatives" & 13th Five-Year-Plan, the official government pay more attention to the development of aviation industry and application of digital technology in the aviation filed.

Years of future, we can foresee the China civil aircraft market will have more projects and opportunities, meanwhile, full of challenges.

According to statistics, by the year of 2034, expected global aircraft fleet size will reach 41,949 aircrafts. APAC region (including China) is the fastest growing market, in the next 20 years, Chinese market is worth nearly 5000 billion RMB of aircrafts.

Affected by fluctuations in the energy market, part of the aircrafts will choose to upgrade avionics or cockpitto ensure operational efficiency. Coupled with the strong production capacity of Boeing and Airbus, civil avionics market has more prosperous in the year of 2016.

Besides that, as the new aircrafts continue to operate as well as the growth of the demand for the avionics maintenance market, by 2019, air transport, service and turboprop aircraft original avionics equipment sales will reach $90 billion, an average annual growth rate of 2%.

The development process of civil avionics is constantly to improve aircraft safety, reliability, maintainability, as also to improve economy, comfortable and environment-friendly.

Future IMA system on the basis of considering economic affordability will remain under toward a more integrated, informationization and technicalization trends, the reliability, maintainability, supportability, testing and comprehensive efficiency of avionics will be improved, the IMA system in the future will become the key to the marine, land, sky and space of the integrated three-dimensional network.

Under this background, the industry leading-edge 'Civil Avionics International Forum 2016' which will be held in Shanghai, on 19th– 21st, in 2016. Though verity of participation option, CAIF 2016 will deliver you the latestChina civil avionics industry layout, to discuss the avionics R&D trends, airworthiness certification, flight reliability, product economic and etc…, wesincerely invite you to participate in the 'Civil Avionics International Forum 2016', our professional organizing committee will provide you one-stop service to help you dig the maximum value for your business.

CAIF Organizing Committee Members (In No Particular Order)

Domestic: Abroad:
COMAC Research & Development Center AVIAGE Systems
AVIC Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Honeywell
AVIC General Aircraft Design & Research Institute Rockwell Collins
AVIC Helicopter Research and Development Institute Thales
CETC Avionics Co., Ltd. Wind River
AVIC Radar and Avionics Institute Flextronics
AVIC Xi'an Aeronautical Computing Technique Research Institute IBM
AVIC Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute TechSAT
AVIC Luoyang Electro-optical Equipment Institute L-3 Avionics
AVIC Radio Electronics Research Institute TTTech Computing AG
AVIC Lanzhou Flight Control Co., Ltd.
AVIC Shaanxi Baocheng Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.
AVIC Shanghai Aviation Electric Co., Ltd.
AVIC Lanzhou Wanli Aviation Electromechanic Inc.
China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd.
China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.
HNA Aviation Technik Co., Ltd.
Beihang University
School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.
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