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April 19th, 2016 Policy Analysis
We'll let you really know what will happen in China avionics market during the 13th-five-year plan.
Airworthiness Certification
The design and implementation of the airworthiness certification test will improve the reliability and safety of the avionics system.
Aircraft OEMs
New idea, new concept -To meet the demands of future aircraft avionics design. Exploration of the economy and comfort of the avionics products.
April 20th, 2016 Brainstorming
Through variety of ways, the industry leading avionics companies and institute will provide you a close-loop solution to delivery you the latest products R&D trends and application experience;
• Human-computer interaction
• Smart landing system
• NextGen avionics display and control system technology
• IMA systems
• Big data & cloud computing technology
and etc…
April 20th, 2016 Air Traffic ManagementSymposium
Facing the opportunities and challenges - Air traffic management in China after the opening of low altitude airspace.
Future development trends and application of ADS-B.
To create a three-dimensional network ofmarine, land, sky and space.
April 21st, 2016 Site Visit
• COMAC Research & Development Center
• State Key Laboratory of Civil Aircraft Flight Simulation
• Pudong C919's FAL (rolled off assembly by Nov 2nd, 2015,supposedly that will take its maiden flight before June in 2016.)

Topic in Details

13th Five-Year-Plan Outlook - the Development of Digital Technology in the Aviation Filed
'The Belt and Road Initiatives', Bridge of Airworthiness Certification International Cooperation
Civil Transport Aircraft Avionics System Airworthiness Management
New idea, New concept - To Meet the Demands of Future China Domestic Wide-body Aircraft Avionics Design
Power New Cockpit Tools - Safety, Efficiency and Ability
Study on Demand Confirmation of Large Civil Aircraft Avionics System
Innovation, Made Easy - Aerospace's Innovation for Green, Safe and Connected Aviation
Application and Development Trend of Low Cost IMA System Technology in Domestic General Aircraft
Consideration and Demands on Healthy Management Architecture of IMA Systems
Assumption of the Display and Control System of the Future Airliner Cockpit
Development Demands on the Avionics Task Requirements of the Light Weight Single / Twin Turbine Helicopter
New ATM System
Satellite Communication System to Monitor Flight State, 'Weave' a Dynamic Network Worldwide Coverage
Human Factors Drive Avionics Designs & Synthetic Vision
To Explore the Frontier Technology of Airborne Application Requirements in the Field of Micro System and Core
        Integrated Circuits

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