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Have you ever played the Sims? Can this also be applied to machine tools?

Aug 16,2021

Simulation is the virtualization of a real thing or process. It is inherently experimental and allows for repeated trial and error. This is perhaps the deeper appeal of simulation that has always attracted human beings to explore and discover. The same is true in industry, such as experiments and teaching.

Five-axes NC machine tools set computer control, high-performance servo drives and precision machining technology in one, is key processing equipment needed urgently in the current manufacturing industry, while CNC technology is also at the forefront of national vocational education programs. For CNC machine tool simulator, he five-axes machine tool cost is high, occupies a large space and high maintenance costs, bringing lots of difficulties to the teaching of practical training.

In the face of such a situation, Hexagon since the launch of the CNC five-axes simulation training machine (training-towe) in 2020, provides an efficient and practical machine tool simulation teaching program for CNC machine tool practice education which has been applied in a number of teaching units practice, winning praise.

Today, you and I come to see what the CNC five-axes simulation training machine (training-towe) will bring us what new surprises after a new upgrade.

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Upholding the concept of continuous innovation and continuously empowering education, the CNC five-axes simulation training machine is now upgraded and set sail.

The new generation solution is more deeply integrated with Siemens and HEIDENHAIN actual controllers and NCSIMUL simulation software to realize the simulation of all CNC system functions of Siemens 840D and HEIDENHAIN TNC640 for the simulation and teaching of five-axes machining centers in schools.

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01 More realistic simulation

Simulate the industrial design of mainstream five-axes CNC machines, as real machine tools with easy operation.
Integrate Heidenhain and Siemens real operating systems, identical to those of real machining machine tools.
Completely simulate the real handwheel operation of the machine tools, allowing the machine axis to be moved and positioned by the handwheel and other functions.
Equipped with three-color tower light indication, which displays different colors according to the operation status of the machine tool, completely simulating the tower light effect of the real machine tools.
Based on the CNC machining simulation software NCSIMUL, the simulation effect is more realistic and faster.
Equipped with a 40-inch industrial display to maximize the simulation of the real state of the machine tools.

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02 More functions designed

Integrate with NCSIMUL, the world `s leading CNC machining simulation software to provide the industry¨s best 3D graphics kernel.
Coolant animation of the machine tool can be simulated in the NCSIMUL simulation interface.
Support collision alarm and when the machine tool collides, the simulation machine tool will generate a beeping sound alarm and the tower light will turn red at the same time.
Support the emergency stop function and when the emergency stop button is pressed, the machine will stop immediately and the alarm is sounded, completely simulating the emergency stop of the real machine tools.

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03 More flexible and convenient

Configure with Heidenhain and Siemens real machine tool operation panel, according to the teaching needs to choose.
Support easy movement in the school practical training site.

Configure with perfect training materials and teaching cases, convenient for schools to carry out teaching courses on five-axes CNC machines.

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Hexagon Smart Teaching - CNC five-axes simulation training machine uses the combination of theory and practice to complete the interface between theoretical and practical teaching, greatly reducing the investment in teaching equipment, increasing the students¨ proficiency in skills operation process and understanding of the actual production process of enterprises, and improving efficiency while reducing teaching costs through the organic combination of professional virtual simulation training and actual operation with industrial grade.

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