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China Aviation APP Now is Available !

Dec 29,2016

In aerospace manufacturing industry, there is always waste and cost arising from unequal supply and demand in the marketplace.  It is chronic and mostly caused by inefficient exchange of information.  In order to redress the imbalance and better serve the market, new idea and technique have to be put in place. Galleoní«s China Aviation APP(hereinafter referred to as "the APP"), as the first of its kind in the aerospace manufacturing industry, powered by modern mobile internet technology, and associating with professional networking websites like LinkedIn, is brought to our customers for the purpose of providing satisfactory and streamlined communication between supply and demand on the move. With a vision of being exclusive aerospace industry B2B portal, the APP not only offers subscribers an access to obtain the latest industrial news, major project updates, China and global market info, etc. but also provides them a vehicle to voice their needs and concerns so that the whole aerospace professional community can respond and interact.  Meanwhile, the APP is designed to be an all-weather aerospace socializing platform with bilingual feature for communications without regional, time and language restrictions.

As a pioneer version, China Aviation now is rolling out its first APP aiming at facilitating the communication of committee members of various international aerospace conferences organized by Galleon.  Every committee, composed of top industry leaders and prestigious experts in a specific aerospace domain in China, will supervise the progress of the corresponding conference and be active on the lookout for business and industrial partners as its primary mission is to identify the real opportunity for Chinese aerospace industry and market.  This committee-version APP can work as an effective and productive interface between domestic demand and international supply, especially for those who are keen to maintain and/or develop business as well as corporate image in the Chinese aerospace market.

You can click here or the banner to download the APP!

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