AEROMAG is a prominent Aerospace and Defence Magazine with global reach. It is Official Media Partner for Aero India and Def Expo in India and also media partner for major Aerospace and Defence events including IDEX in Abu Dhabi, Singapore Airshow, IMDEX ASIA, LIMA Airshow, Indo Defence at Jakarta etc. Aeromag is also publishing the largest Print Aerospace and Defence Directory with the profile of 1500 companies. Aeromag is organizing Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing Summit , Defence Innovation Summit in association with Defence Public Sector Units. is the global airline industry's fastest growing meeting place for Airline CEOs, Directors, Food/Beverage Managers, Purchasers, Catering Companies, Flight Kitchens, OEMs, MROs, Ground Handlers, Cargo Carriers, Airside Managers, Contractors, Consultants and System integrators. The portal encompasses all aspects of airline equipment, technology, design and services and allows potential buyers to connect with suppliers the world over. We provide a comprehensive breakdown of products and services from leading industry contractors, with up-to-date news and press releases when exciting developments occur. With links to the most important airline related events, organisations and governing bodies in the world.

World AirNews is Africa’s oldest and widest-circulating aviation journal now entering its 49th year of publication. Widely read by all aviation and related individuals, the full magazine can be downloaded from the website To compliment this offering the digital version was launched in late 2017 containing all the news stories that missed the monthly deadline. The digital magazine is emailed to all subscribers and has broadened our circulation reach to encompass the whole of Africa. Topics covered include air shows, exhibitions, conferences as well as a full range of airline news. For more information go to

Aviation Week Network is the largest multimedia information and services provider for the global aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, serving 1.7 million professionals around the world. Industry professionals rely on Aviation Week Network to help them understand the market, make decisions, predict trends, and connect with people and business opportunities. Customers include the world's leading aerospace manufacturers and suppliers, airlines, airports, business aviation operators, militaries, governments and other organizations that serve this worldwide marketplace. Aviation Week Network’s portfolio delivers award-winning journalism, data, intelligence and analytical resources, world-class tradeshows and conferences, and results-driven marketing services and advertising. principle is helping our customers succeed.
  Aviation Week Network is part of Informa Markets, a division of Informa PLC.

BBGA is the UK Trade Association supporting businesses in Business and General Aviation. BBGA represents the interest of member companies at Local, National, European and International levels.  We support and promote the growth and wellbeing of a profitable Business and General Aviation industry.  BBGA has a strong positive and active relationships with UK Government, other trade associations, UK CAA, EASA and Brussels and therefore we are able to consult with them on the key industry topics.  Access to the global resources outside UK of IBAC, NBAA, ECOGAS, SSCC, EBAA, AOPA, BHA – in all of which BBGA is a strong and active partner standing up for the industry and UK interests in particular on the world stage. A well-funded and truly active trade association based in UK, focussed on issues important to UK industry and business is the pragmatic way of getting the best possible results for UK businesses. To find out more visit or contact Why not join us at our annual conference at Luton Hoo on 5 March 2020.  To find out more the bbga website. is a leading international directory for worldwide conferences and exhibitions. is equipped with a unique and comprehensive search that helps you find easily any event in any category or location. Each event includes detailed information, like, description, dates, location, map, prices, link to the official event's website and more... If you search for a conference or exhibition in areas such as Industry and manufacturing, Health and medicine, Technology and IT, Business and finance, sciences, education, services (banking, insurance, tourism, Hospitality and more), government, environment, life style and arts, you'll find it in

Copybook is a global business network that is dedicated to providing a unique platform where buyers and sellers can come together to find a collection of products and services relevant to their field. We help to generate new business on a daily basis for our clients, as well as help to forge new business relationships on a global scale, assisting sellers and buyers alike to find the products that best suit our needs.

World Aviation news, online platform as well as the App, is your source of aviation and related industries news for professionals, passionates and investors, especially designed for the peoples who need to stay tuned and follow latest news and trends. Download 50skyshades World Aviation News on App Store and Google Play.


Flight Story Aviation Network ( a the Dongming international Aviation media's professional aviation community website depth reports, is China Aviation Media Network Alliance (CNAMA) initiating and governing units,authoritative view of the organic integration of real-time aviation information professional perspective, providing quality, original news and reviews of the best aviation crowd. Flight Story Aviation network(FSAN) focused on building the community of inter-regional leading theme of flight, reports the latest aviation industry dynamic, publishing the latest and most accurate information of the aircraft, and the establishment of Professional Flight Forum Center.


航空器材网是航空业一家专业的航空器材信息的B2B平台,主要是帮助航空业内客户发布和查找各种所需航材,工具,设备以及维修能力等信息信息,也为国外企业拓展中国市场,和中国航空企业对外销售建立起来一个相互沟通的桥梁,利用目前最先进的网络技术推进航空产业信息交互的速度,以及更进一步加快航空信息化的建设。合理的资源调配,降低库存成本,实现资源的实时调拨,减少由于设备或者航材短缺引起飞机停飞的时间。做为首家综合性航空信息平台,所涉及的范围包括:航材出售和采购,设备维修和计量、产品出租和求租、设备展示、飞机租赁,展会信息以及行业资讯,几乎涵盖航空保障的所有环节,为用户提供了方便快捷的信息交互渠道。航空器材网做为一个全球化的信息平台,采用完全开放式的架构。 以设备航材为基础,将逐步发展成为一个综合性的,航空业的门户网站。

Hamburg and Shanghai have been sister cities since 1986. In the same year, the Hamburg Liaison Office China (HLO), operating as official representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in China, was established. It represents the interests of the Senate of the City of Hamburg, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Hamburg Invest (HIW), Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM), the Hamburg Tourism Board (HHT) and the Hamburg Marketing Board (HMG).

航趣私人飞机网是中国通用航空业最大的网上垂直门户,我们致力成为通航企业和消费者之间的服务平台,让供需双方在航趣解决需求。 航趣向业界发布最新的通航资讯和政策信息,还提供国内最全的飞机价格、参数、图片资料供用户免费查询。 航趣还为用户提供通航人才招聘,租机包机,飞机导购等服务。 航趣创办5年来,已经拥有数十万会员,我们热诚邀请通航同行一起分享资源,合作双赢,共铸通航网络平台。

Inside Industry is recognised as one of the leading industry business to business media companies that pays particular attention to the supply chain of multinational manufacturers. Our global presence is gained through a digital and hard copy magazine readership, a faithful social media following, website visitors and a presence and partnership with major manufacturing and technology shows and events. Inside Industry is on hand to report on the latest news, including technological and supply chain developments, acquisitions, mergers, supplier awards and appointments as well as providing in-depth profiles and marketing campaigns to help companies connect to new opportunities. OUR PHILOSOPHY We commit to working closely with all companies in the industry to help build strong and lasting relationships that enable us to connect companies to new business opportunities.

The Italian Aerospace Network (IAN) is a private no-profit association of Italian SMEs headquartered nearby Milan Malpensa Airport, hometown of major European manufacturing hub, and direct presence on the Chinese market. Members of IAN are vertically integrated to supply Chinese based companies. IAN provides a wide range of technologies and innovations, promotional activities, sales and contracting support, on-site after sales service and local engineering with its own locations in Shanghai and Xi'an.

机电之家网(证券代码:839880)成立于1999年,注册生产加工企业100多万家,代理经销商500多万家,安装及运维人员注册达千万。2016年机电之家登陆新三板成为中国机电B2B第一股,提升了国内机电企业的互联网发展意识,加快机电行业“互联网+”融合创新,同时提升了社会对机电行业的整体关注。机电之家是全国机电行业互联网唯一指向B端的国家高新技术企业,掌握着全国机电行业整个供应链的产品贸易环节。机电之家网近年来致力于打造机电行业互联网资源(internet resources)结合实体产业(virtual industry)的模式,推动机电行业线上+线下融合,未来将更深入机电产业链并引领机电产业发展,在原先经营模式的基础上,整合线上线下资源,打造电子商务平台,行业产业资讯性平台,深入产业链,挖掘行业的创新,整合资源,促成行业交易,激发行业创新。机电之家行业龙头网站深耕行业平台十余年,影响行业极深,行业受众达到100%,具备庞大的买家网络及网络卖家,同时机电之家网又是不可或缺的中国机电产业传媒中心,长期致力于挖掘报道行业内的资讯,创新及行业发展方向,是机电从事者不可缺少的资读参考助手。


LARA has provided leading global coverage of the low-fare and regional aviation industry, since 1984. With media channels reserved exclusively for this ever-evolving sector, LARA has become synonymous with the industry over the past 35 years, keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest news and topical developments. Comprehensive, impartial coverage offers unparalleled insight into the business activities of low-fare and regional airlines, with regular features on fleet planning, route development, regulatory issues, MRO, IT operations, cabin interiors, finance and leasing, engine/airframe updates, aero tech trends, supply chain management, catering, safety, training, ancillary revenues, emerging technologies and more.

Aeroengine & Gas Turbine Controlled by the Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Physics, Aerospace Engine Research Institute, and many other postdoctoral due to a common academic and professional hobbies initiated, mainly engaged in aeroengine and gas turbine two power field, Including industry dynamics, technology development and engineering cases.


MRO Business Today is a premier industry fortnightly digital e-News Magazine that is distributed to more than 16,000* high profile MRO professionals worldwide. Additionally, it also generates worldwide readership through its website ( Our digital magazine finds it way directly to their mail boxes every fortnight with all the relevant and latest news from the MRO Industry.

无人机网(是全球无人飞行器之大本营,汇聚所涉各种应用(军事、工业、民用),包括制造、零部件以及相关联之服务领域。同时提供广告、数据分析以及咨询服务,该网建设者致力打造全球最大的专业性无人机网络平台。 无人机的应用领域包括农业、林业、航拍、反恐防暴、禁毒侦察、边防巡逻、海事执法、安防监控、消防、国土资源调查、土地执法监察、水土流失监测、荒漠化监测、地质灾害监测、土地利用动态监测、地形图测绘;交通规划设计、城镇规划航空摄影、考古遥控、旅游资源调查、景区风光拍摄、输气输电线路勘察、矿业资源勘察、消防监控、广告拍摄、影视拍摄、空中指挥、通信中继、交通管制、军事等等。

VenueDir is a leading directory for major venues around the world with a search by location, size of venue or type of event (conference, seminar, exhibition, wedding and others). In VenueDir you can find the services provided by the venue, including, food and beverages, accomodation, onsite parking, on-site support, audio and video and more. Venuedir provides an option to submit a request for proposal (RFP) to all suitable venues.





《中国通航博览》是一本国内为数不多的报道通航全产业链的纸制版杂志,最早由首都通用航空产业技术研究院于2013年创刊,2015年由中国通航文化传媒集团有限公司全权卖断并断续出版。 《中国通航博览》始终坚持自己的办刊宗旨,在过去的五年中一步一个脚印,抱着实事步是的态度,已经成为国内通航界大家所认可的一个媒体平台。每期印刷数为1200册,免费发放给所有《中国通航博览》会员。 除了纸制版刊物,『通航博览』微信公众号也是《中国通航博览》的重要组成部分。局方公告、企业新闻等即时性消息都由公众号在第一时间发布。至今,我们的微信平台已经有近5000粉丝的关注量。 GA CHINA V是我们在2017年计划、2018年正式推出的一项视频节目。希望通过我们拍摄制作的视频节目,在优酷、头条、微博等公众网络平台发布,除了可以让业内人士观看,还可以让更多的人认识通航、了解通航。 在做好媒体工作的同时,我们的业务还包含杂志广告、企业宣传设计印刷、企业定向专访、企业微信托管、视频拍摄制作发布、活动企划等等。


智能制造网(成立于2006年,是工业4.0时代智能制造领域“互联网+”服务平台,为智能控制、智能装备、机器人、物联网、云计算、3D打印等领域的专业用户创建全球网络营销服务平台,致力于搭建国内外智能制造设备及相关企业信息互动桥梁。 智能制造网以独树一帜的模式为行业用户提供丰富的服务,满足用户的营销推广需求,便捷快速的网络交易平台、行业展会等线上线下多渠道结合,扩大服务的广度和深度。本站与国内外媒体保持密切合作,建立了庞大的信息服务体系,依托浙江兴旺宝明通网络有限公司丰富的信息服务经验和互联网领域的雄厚实力,已成为智能制造行业颇具影响力的门户网站。

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