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AC300: It is currently in the specific design phase. The maximum takeoff weight is 470kg. The Supplier Design program review will be carried out immediately after the year to complete the supplier selection.

AC322: It is in the development stage, which is an AVIC industrial helicopter in accordance with the latest 27 safety airworthiness standards. It is also developing 3 tons of advanced light double-engine civilian helicopters.

AC352: It is in the Development Phase whose maximum takeoff weight is 7 tons. The joint development of AVIC Helicopter Co.,Ltd., AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and AVIC Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Corporation Ltd. etc. It is one of the world's most advanced medium-sized helicopters, the maximum takeoff weight of 7.5 tons, the maximum cruising speed of 270 km.

AHL: The 40-ton heavy-duty helicopter jointly developed by China and Russia is the star model most concerned by the outside world. "Russia Today" TV station has said that this tonnage of heavy-duty helicopters can be loaded with up to 15 tons of load, China and Russia plan to produce nearly 200, the relevant agreement will be signed in the near future.
Regarding the progress of the project, Wu Ximing said that the 40-ton heavy-duty helicopter is one of the strategic cooperation projects between China and Russia. After years of negotiations, the negotiations on relevant technologies, management and business have reached an agreement.
It is expected that by the end of 2032, the 40-ton heavy helicopter will be completed for forensic delivery.

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