January 18th, 2009, Aviation Industry Corporation of China was established by AVIC Commercial Aviation Engine Co., Ltd. (ACAE) in Shanghai. The aero engine industry now possesses the characteristics of high bypass-ratio, low fuel consumption, less pollution and high reliability. Although the whole aero engine industry is moving into a brand new chapter, China still comes across a number of issues including technical problems as well as the incomplete system of design, manufactory and materials. Under this background, ACAE has implemented a self-dependent development principle. Meanwhile, China is also seeking for international support in order to establish a systematic high bypass-ratio turbofan aero engine manufacturing structure with significant technological breakthrough.

More importantly, ACAE has also promoted a dumbbell business model so as to complete the R&D of aero engine for large civil aircraft. ACAE will be responsible for the holistic design of high bypass-ratio turbofan engine as well as its assembly and test, and the organization will also be in charge of corresponding business development, product distribution and customer service. On the opposite, the design and manufacture of each separate unit will be undertaken by external cooperative enterprises. What is more, those corporations are going to test the function of each unit themselves. The implementation of this integrated business model of ACAE is supposed to encourage a chain reaction towards relevant industry technology and innovation. What is more, domestic aviation material industry and manufacturing technique are also expected to progress so as to gain competitive advantage in both technical field and other electronic equipment discipline. What matters most is that, China will be able to improve the whole structure of its aero engine industry eventually to create China's own version of 'crown jewel'.

Under this background, 'Aero Engine China 2016' will be held in Shanghai, on October 25th -26th. The theme of the upcoming forum is 'Next Generation Aero Engine to Take Off'. This year's event will discuss the new concept and innovative technology in current aero engine industry with the integration of market development trend. The overall objective of Aero Engine China 2016 is to better serve civil aviation market, to allocate limited resources more effectively, to build up knowledge communication platform within the industry. Through variety of participation options (keynote speech, exhibition, one-to-one business meetings, media interview, site visit and etc.), the event will provide you a one-stop participant experience.

Aeronautical Engine (Group) Corporation of China (AECC) is a company established for the development of China's domestic aviation engine.

AECC including 46 units (22 engine institutes & plants), AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, three repair shops and some other small and medium-sized units, after the establishment of the company will become the world's largest aviation engine enterprises, total assets amounted to RMB 145 billion.

Jianguo CAO President
Fangyong LI General Manager
Ronghuai LUO Deputy General Manager
Shaoyang CHEN Deputy General Manager
Zhilin WANG Deputy General Manager
Minsheng ZHANG Chief Financial Officer
Aero Engine is known as the pearl on the imperial crown of aircraft manufacturing industry, but it is restricting the development of China aviation industry. At present, only the United States, Britain, Russia, France can really produce the aero engine. Almost all of China's civil aviation aircraft engines are dependent on imports, independent R&D ability is lagged behind.

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