What’s new in the China Aero Engine market?

Aero engine has been approved to be the China Major Science and Technology Program.
  • In the next 20 years, $300 billion will be invested by Chinese government in aero engine industry.
  • Independent development of core engine will be emphasized in this program.
  • A new aero engine development system in China will be established.
China is Considering Restructuring its Engine Industry.
  • China aero engine industry and ship gas turbine engine industry are said to be integrated.
  • Huge investment from Chinese government will be put into the new engine group.
SAFRAN and AVIC to Work Together to Develop Key Parts For Commercial Turboprop Engines.
  • SAFRAN and AVIC signed on November 11, 2014 during Zhuhai Air Show, through their respective companies SNECMA and AVIC South Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.(SAIC), a framework agreement on the creation of a common entity in China in the field of turboprop engine for commercial aircraft. The aim of this cooperation is to design, test and produce power turbines and flame tubes for the two parent companies. The project, becoming the milestone in China turboprop engine industry development.
ACAE is devoted to Commercial Turbofan Engine Development.
  • CJ-1000A is now in the process for the first round of verification.
  • The Sino-Russia wide-body aircraft engine has been announced for international bidding. ACAE may establish a joint-venture with overseas companies to bid for the project, which may be named as CJ-2000.
Russia and China are making effort to jointly develop a new advanced heavy helicopter.
  • The main parameters of this project have been agreed on and the details will coming up soon.
  • Its payload capability is up to 30-40tons.
  • The engine with new technology may be upgraded based on Mi-26.
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