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Airbus Tianjin General Assembly Line Will Increase A321 Production Capacity and Is Expected to Start Delivery in The Fourth Quarter of 2022

Nov 29,2021

 Airbus announced the signing of a cooperation framework agreement with its partners , It is planned to be located in... In Tianjin A320 The production capacity of the Asian assembly line of series aircraft is expanded to A321 The plane .
before , Airbus Tianjin general assembly line is responsible for general assembly A320 In the series of aircraft A319 and A320 Two models . The signing of the cooperation framework agreement , It means Tianjin General Assembly Line A320 The production of series aircraft will be increased to three types .
At the media communication meeting on that day , Cheng Long, chief operating officer of Airbus China, revealed , The medium-term goal is , To 2022 In the fourth quarter of, the first A321 deliver .
About why do in China A321 Conversion project , Cheng Long responded that :“ The first premise is that production matches market demand ; secondly , This is also in line with Airbus's long-term strategic deployment in China .”
Airbus decided to add... To its Tianjin final assembly line A321 throughput , Behind it is right A321 Optimistic prediction of market demand scale .
According to the interface news , At present, Airbus 320 In a series of reserve orders ,A321 The amount of reserve orders is equivalent to A319 and A320 The sum of , And the whole Air China A320 In the series fleet ,A321 Only occupy 25% The proportion of . Airbus said , In the future, the Chinese market will need a lot of A321, It will also move towards 50% The proportion of further development .
airbus A321neo The plane is A320neo The largest member of the series , Under the condition of single cabin layout, the maximum passenger capacity can reach 244 people . Because there are more parts , More work ,A321 The final assembly is also better than A320 More complex . It is reported that ,A321 The ratio of the number of work orders of the model's final assembly business to the number of work orders A320 Many models 20%.

So , Most factories of Airbus Tianjin assembly line need to be reconstructed , And the transformation scale involved is large , Including paint shop Adjustment of production tooling and fixture, etc , in addition , Tianjin assembly line also needs to further train employees .

In terms of operational arrangements , Cheng Long, chief operating officer of Airbus China, told interface news , Production can be continued during plant reconstruction A320 Model , But the period of tooling and fixture transformation ,A320 Production needs to be suspended , The plant will have an empty window period of operation for comprehensive transformation .

Airbus Tianjin final assembly line is planned to be in 2022 year 7 The adaptation upgrade began in January , The upgrade plan has been predicted and integrated in Airbus global production plan , The adaptation and transformation of the final assembly line , It will not change its original capacity and production rate .

Airbus also revealed at the media communication meeting , future , Airbus Tianjin final assembly line will have 320neo and 321neo throughput , But with 321neo It's the main model . As for the specific production proportion of different models , It will depend on the demand of Chinese airline customers for two models , Airbus will maintain some flexibility , To match the market demand for different models .

according to the understanding of , at present , Only the two final assembly lines in Hamburg and mobile have A321 Aircraft production and delivery capacity . future , Airbus Toulouse and Tianjin assembly lines will be aimed at A321 Adaptation and transformation of aircraft production , Airbus has four seats A320 The final assembly line of series aircraft will eventually have production and delivery A321 Aircraft capability , In response to the reserve order A321 The huge demand brought by the increasing share of aircraft .

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