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ZeroAvia To Use Alaska Airlines Turboprop For Hydrogen Powertrain Testing

Nov 15,2021

The Alaska Air Group this week announced that it is partnering with ZeroAvia to develop a 3MW+ hydrogen-electric powertrain for 76-seat zero-emission aircraft. The Seattle-based company, which owns Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air, is incorporating its system into a De Havilland DHC-8-400.

Clear targets

Alaska Airlines has ambitions to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Therefore, electric aircraft fit in with this mission. The technology involved is billed to suit smaller short-haul aircraft in the first instance.

The airline serves several remote regions across the United States. Therefore, there are already areas that can potentially be served by planes utilizing the hydrogen-electric powertrain. With Alaska Airlines connecting several remote communities, this system may have a critical role in future operations.

Its no surprise that Alaska is using the Q400 to incorporate the powertrain. The airline holds over 30 units of the trusted turboprop, which has shown its reliability to operate in tough conditions.

Significant developments

ZeroAvia has been making great progress in the hydrogen-electric scene. This summer, the British/American outfit shared that it is scaling up its program to involve 19-seat aircraft. It also raised a further $13 million to produce larger engines for 50+ seat models. This week, the business highlighted that it is looking to conduct the first passenger hydrogen flight in just three years.

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