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L&L Products Launches A New FST Aircraft Interior Edge and Core Filler Compound

Sep 29,2021

L&L Products launches a new FST aircraft interior edge and core filler compound

L&L Products brings a new approach to fill and reinforce aerospace sandwich panels with L&L Reinforce L-9060. L&L Reinforce L-9060 brings a new approach to fill and reinforce aerospace interior sandwich panels by providing a solution to improve the traditionally manual process of other two-component honeycomb panel reinforcements.

With the need to locally reinforce the honeycomb or close-out panel edges to protect against impact or humidity, the necessity for a solution providing a rigid, low-density epoxy-based FST syntactic option that meets all aerospace requirements is present in the industry. L&L used this opportunity to work with aerospace customers to develop a solution to address process, quality and waste issues while meeting all industry regulatory requirements.

Product benefits include:

Process: Easy to use and clean with no hand mixing, accurate mixing of two components, no waste, and suitable for automatic metering pumps. The equipment to process the cartridge is a standard 400ml manual or pneumatic gun.

Lightweight: Ultralightweight density (0.55kg) to help reduce the overall weight of aircrafts, therefore reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

FST: Compliant with FAR / JAR 25.853, which reinforces safety on board and reduces certification cost.

Safety: Contains no Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Reprotoxic (CMR) substances, is REACH compliant, and contains no odor.

Patrick Siboni, Key Account Manager ¨C Aerospace & Composites at L&L Products said: ¡°We are proud to commercially release this new syntactic edge filler, compliant to the stringent aerospace FST regulations. Using state of the art and environmentally safe components, L&L Products is able to provide our customers a solution to improve their process, their part quality, and the operator¡¯s comfort and safety while globally reducing waste, weight, and cost¡±

Extrusion of L-9060 is easy, which results in simple application to the honeycomb cells. The material can be spread along edges and easily smoothed with a spatula. L-9060 cures at room temperature and can be milled or sanded 2.5 hours after application. Panels are then reinforced and protected by L-9060, which creates a rigid and impact-resistant reinforcement. L-9060 also creates faster curing and more efficient processing methods than the traditional method at a lower cost. In addition, the unfinished two-component cartridge can be closed and kept at room temperature for future use, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Aircraft interior is currently the most used composite materials among aircraft components, for the purpose of lightweight, flame retardant and comfort. Under this background, the 7th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology International Forum 2021 will be held on December 2nd - 3rd, 2021, in Shanghai. You are welcome to participate.

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