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Xifei Integrated Delivery Center of Aviation Industry Airborne Division Unveiled

Jul 15,2021

On June 24, the signing and inauguration ceremony of the Xifei Integrated Delivery Center of the Aviation Industry Airborne Division was held at XAC. Meng Jinqiang, Deputy Director of the General Defense Department of the Group, Hao Jian, Special Business Manager, Wang Jiangang, General Manager of the Airborne Company, Song Kepu, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of XAC, Jiao Yusong, Director of the Hydraulics, Fuel and Environmental Control Systems Division, and members of the division The main leaders of the unit attended the meeting.

Meng Jinqiang affirmed the phased results achieved by the integrated delivery of the Airborne Division, and pointed out that the integrated delivery is still in the stage of centralized delivery. There is still a lot of work to be done before the integrated delivery. There are many problems to be solved, and there is a long way to go. . It is hoped that XAC and the airborne company will continue to explore and summarize, improve the delivery system, expand the scope of business, and deepen the work and business around the goal of integrated delivery. Meng Jinqiang said that the integrated delivery work is innovative work. The Defense Department of the Group will pay close attention to the progress of the integrated delivery pilot work of the airborne business unit, actively help coordinate relevant issues in the delivery, and jointly promote the physical operation of the airborne business unit to realize aviation weapons. High-quality development of equipment.

Wang Jiangang pointed out in his speech that the listing of the integrated delivery center marked a solid step forward in the physical operation of the airborne business unit. As the integrated delivery center will begin trial operation, each airborne business department must do a good job of linking up with the host site, coordinate the internal resources of the business department, and highlight the system guarantee role of the business department; the airborne business department must integrate thoughts and focus Together, with the support and guidance of the main engine factory, the business unit will be solid, deep and detailed, and realize the fundamental transformation and systematic reengineering of the airborne industry, and become the future airborne system-level supplier and integrated supplier Lay the foundation for the formation.

XAC signed tripartite service agreements with the hydraulic, fuel and environmental control system divisions, and the control navigation and guidance system divisions and the power system divisions.

Song Kepu said that the establishment of the Xi'an Airlines Integrated Delivery Center of the Airborne Division will greatly reduce the difficulty of the AVIC Xi'an Airlines supply chain and ease the delivery capacity and delivery efficiency of Xi'an Airlines' finished products. AVIC XAC will take this as an opportunity to ensure the vigorous collaboration between the airborne unit and the business unit, find problems in practice, solve problems in practice, and implement the integrated delivery work as soon as possible to achieve practical results; continue to deepen the cooperation with the aviation industry. Intensify the cooperation and communication with various business units, continuously improve the construction level of the industrial chain and supply chain, provide customers with high-quality products continuously, stably and efficiently, and jointly contribute to the development of aviation weapons and equipment and the construction of the ¡°flowing army¡±. Due contribution.

Jiao Yusong summarized the process of establishing the integrated delivery center, analyzed the situation of the host supporting tasks, and reported on the specific direction of the follow-up work.

Mr. Jiao emphasized that under the leadership of the group company and the airborne company, and under the drive of XAC, the Aviation Industry Airborne Hydraulics, Fuel and Environmental Control Systems Division will work with other brother divisions, adhering to innovation, cooperation, and sharing. The concept of ¡°win¡± will build the Xi'an Integrated Delivery Center into a high-quality project. The business department will resolutely implement the group strategy, make full use of the policy window period, strengthen system innovation capabilities, give full play to the advantages of the system, and create value for the main engine.

As a high value-added, high-tech industry, civil aircraft mechanical and electrical industry is not only an important part of aviation industry, but also an important field of technological innovation and development. Aviation mechanical and electrical industry covers a wide range of professional, high-tech content, high added value, easy to expand to other fields, can drive electronics, advanced materials, special and precision processing, metallurgy, chemical industry and other technologies and industries, is the country, especially developed countries in Europe and the United States attach great importance to the industry. In comparison, there is still a big gap between the core technology of China's aviation mechanical and electrical system and developed countries, and there is plenty of room for progress in scientific and technological innovation.

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