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American Airlines Looks to Add 900 Pilots

Apr 29,2021

There¡¯s a remarkable turnaround going on with airline travel in the US, with a surge in demand that¡¯s caught several major airlines by surprise, including the biggest, American Airlines.

A year ago American was retiring older pilots and furloughing others, but now it¡¯s hiring again ¨C as many as 300 this year and double that in 2022. Even so, it might still face a shortage of pilots.

The demand is domestic with international flying still lagging. American recently said it expects to be flying as much as 90% of its 2019 domestic schedule during the coming summer. It¡¯s been reported that American is planning to use its long haul widebody aircraft on short haul domestic flights just to meet the demand.

American¡¯s chairman and CEO Doug Parker, said,  ¡°Looking forward, with the momentum underway from the first quarter, we see signs of continued recovery in demand.

¡°We remain confident the network enhancements, customer-focused improvements and efficiency measures we¡¯ve put into place will ensure American is well-positioned for the recovery.¡±

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