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GE Continues To Progress on Catalyst Engine for Denali

Apr 29,2021

GE Aviation is progressing toward the installation of its new Catalyst turboprop engine on the new Cessna Denali following the completion of ice testing of the power plant, the engine maker said this week. In the past two winters, the company has been running the engine in below-zero temperatures in what it calls í░icing critical point analysisí▒ at the National Research Council in Ottawa, Canada.

Using a 10-meter-long wind tunnel connected to the outside, engineers draw in outside air and mix it with super-cooled liquid droplets sprayed inside the tunnel. This generates atmospheric conditions and in-flight temperatures that are channeled to the engine as clouds comprising small drops at sub-zero temperatures and simulates the variability of altitudes up to 30,000 feet. GE Aviation senior engineer for inclement weather Paolo Vanacore explained that when temperatures fall below -20 degrees C, ice crystals that form in the clouds and at higher altitudes and certain speeds are like stones.

With regard to the future development of engines, the world is moving towards energy conservation and emission reduction. The 5th Commercial Aero Engines Shanghai International Forum which will be held in Shanghai from June 17-18, 2021. It will be hosted by AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

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