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The Latest Aircraft Engines Are As Big As A Narrowbody Fuselage

Apr 14,2021

The new Boeing 777X took its first flight early in 2020. This is the largest twin-engine wide body aircraft to date and promises higher capacity along with reduced emissions and operating cost. It also has the largest engines ever seen in commercial aviation C and its not alone. With improvements in engineering and lightweight materials, both General Electric and Rolls-Royce are developing new, massive engines.

The GE9X engine C developed for the Boeing 777X
Boeings latest aircraft, the 777X, set out to offer higher passenger capacity than any other twinjet while also improving efficiency and running costs. Critical to this are its high power, high-efficiency engines.

As big as a Boeing 737
There are many changes from the GE90 engine, but its the size that is the most obvious difference. This is the largest engine ever on a commercial aircraft. At 13 feet in diameter, it is wider than the fuselage of the Boeing 737. It will make quite a sight when it starts appearing next to smaller aircraft at airports.

Big but also more efficient
Its not surprising that the larger GE9X is more powerful and more efficient. A larger fan draws more in more air and uses less energy. The hard part is to increase the engine size whilst also controlling the weight and keeping the overall structure robust. Advances in engineering have made this possible.

Changes with the GE9X include a larger diameter fan with fewer blades (16 instead of 22), the use of lighter (but strong) carbon fiber composite materials and a higher bypass ratio (offering better propulsion efficiency). Overall the GE9X should increase fuel efficiency by 10% over the GE90 engine.

As the heart of the aircraft, the most important to improve the performance of the aircraft is to improve the propulsion efficiency of the engine. What is the future direction of aviation engines? We will bring you some reports at the 5th Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum, which will focus on aero engines, from market trends to research and development design, to materials and manufacturing to bring you a full range of exchanges.

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