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10th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum June 22nd - 23rd, 2021 Shanghai,China

Apr 8,2021

¡¾Hosted by¡¿

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Chinese Aeronautical Establishment
AVIC Airborne Systems Co., Ltd.

¡¾Advised by¡¿
Department of Equipment Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Department of CAAC
Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization

¡¾Guested by¡¿
Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center of CAAC
¡¾Supported by¡¿
Shanghai Society of Aeronautics
AVIC XAC Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd.
AVIC Zhuhai General Aviation R&D and Manufacturing Base
China Helicopter Design and Research Institute

¡¾Organized by¡¿
China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute
COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute
Key Laboratory of Integrated Technology of Avionics System

¡¾Co-organized by¡¿
Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

¡¾Event Background¡¿

In the Last Decade
With the rapid growth of China's civil aviation market, the civil aviation industry has gradually integrated into the world aviation industry chain. China attaches great importance to its development. The R&D and operation of domestic civil aircraft models such as CR929, C919, ARJ21, MA series regional jet and AC series helicopter provide important support for the development of China's civil aviation transportation industry and transformation and upgrading of industries

In the Next Decade
The development of next-generation avionics not only introduces new ideas and concepts, but also needs new devices, new technologies, and new development tools to support. With the rapid progress of 5G communication technology, high-performance computing simulation technology, AI technology, VR and other related technologies lead to the rapid development of avionics system, the continuous improvement of integration, intelligence and IMA has accelerated the realization of the next-generation avionics. It has become an indispensable part of all types of aircraft, and plays a very important role in ensuring the safety and reliability of large aircraft to complete relevant tasks.

In the face of the severe and complex international epidemic and the world economic situation, during the 14th Five-Year Plan, China's avionics industry will continue to take the demand of civil market as the driving force, focusing on the development requirements of avionics technology, actively carry out foreign exchanges and constantly expand the results of mutually beneficial cooperation, aiming to accelerate the development of avionics technology, and will promote the continuous improvement of independent innovation and R & D capability in domestic avionics field.

¡¾Hot Topics¡¿
1.Aviation 14th Five-Year Plan Lay Out, Pay Attention to the Development of Avionics Industry, Improve the Capability of Independent R&D
2.Pay Attention to the Industry / Industrial System Capacity Building, Effectively Improve China¡¯s Airworthiness Certification Ability
3.Future Development of Digital Aircraft
4.Aircraft OEM View - Carrying Out Interdisciplinary Exchanges, Using New Technologies, New Ideas to Enhance the Independent and Controllable R&D Integration Capability of Avionics System
5.Advanced Avionics Architecture for ¡°Internet Aircraft¡± and Its Application Outlook
6.Design Consideration and Verification of eVTOL Avionics System
7.Avionics System Simulation Platform Requirements and Interface Development and Management
8.Modeling and Simulation of Airborne Large-scale Complex Systems
9.Design of Automatic Test and Management for Avionics System of Civil Aircraft
10.Application and Development of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (Technology)
11.Commercial Aircraft Single Pilot Mode, Architecture and Technology Research
12.Application and Development Trend of Advanced Avionics System for Regional Airliner and Civil Helicopter

4th Annual Airborne Software and Airborne Electronics Hardware Sub-Forum

Main topics (updating):
1.Research on Airworthiness Standards of Airborne Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware;
2.Current Status and Prospect of Airworthiness Verification Technology of Airborne Software;
3.Airworthiness Engineering Methods of Airborne Electronic Products;
4.Design and Verification of Airborne Software and Hardware;
5.Development Tool Identification.

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