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5th Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum June 17th - 18th, 2021 Shanghai, China

Apr 8,2021

¡¾Organizing Committee¡¿

¡¾Hosted by¡¿

Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

¡¾Co-hosted by¡¿
AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

¡¾Supported by¡¿

Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District
Shanghai Hongqiao Linkong Economic Demonstration Zone
Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China
China Eastern Airlines

¡¾Organized by¡¿

Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

¡¾Event Background¡¿
With the development of China's air transport industry, China is expected to deliver 9,205 passenger aircraft in the next two decades, worth about 1400 billion dollars, of which the aero engine market size will reach 210 to 420 billion dollars, the average annual market size will reach 10.5 billion to 21 billion dollars, accounting for about 20% of the global market.

2021 is the year of the layout of China's 14th Five-Year Plan, in the severe and complex international epidemics and the world economic situation, the document points out that we should strengthen the development of the aerospace industry, promote the construction of national laboratories, layout of comprehensive national science centers and regional innovation highland construction. With the manufacturing power's development goal, "China National Special Project of Aero Engine & Gas Turbine" as traction of China's aero engine industry, our country support enterprises to take the lead in undertaking major national science and technology projects, encourage enterprises to increase research and development investment, improve independent research and development capabilities and independent protection level, to promote the high-quality development of aero engine industry.

Against this background, the Forum will focus on scientific and technological innovation-driven, integration of industry in-depth, the forum invited a number of domestic and foreign aero engines and aircraft host development units to focus on the " the aviation industry policy and market trends under the 14th Five-Year Plan," "aero engine simulation technology," "advanced test and test technology for aero engines," "advanced aero engine materials and processing technology" and other hot topics, to build a high platform for aero engine technology exchanges, academic discussions and business cooperation.

¡¾Hot Topics¡¿

¡ñ The aviation industry policy and market trends under the 14th Five-Year Plan

¡ñ Aero engine simulation technology

¡ñAdvanced test and test technology for aero engines
¡ñAdvanced aero engine materials and processing technology

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