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Shadin Avionics Introduces the AIS-360 Buffer Configurable COTS ARINC 429 Bus Manager

Mar 15,2021

Shadin Avionics announces that the new AIS-360, an ARINC 429 isolation and signal manager, has been released and is available immediately. This data adapter and integrator is configurable to meet specific customer needs while remaining certifiable up to DO178C DAL A. With multiple successful commercial and military customer applications already in service, this LRU is a cost-effective solution which significantly increase the efficiency and application of a single ARINC bus. Ultimately this minimizes equipment costs and system complexity while maximizing aircraft and avionics performance.

The AIS-360 Buffer allows for the secure connection and/or isolation of multiple ARINC 429 avionic data systems. General-purpose ARINC 429 buses can remain intact, while uncertified hardware is isolated, ensuring maximum bus integrity for flight critical systems. Uncertified equipment failures can be fully isolated while data integrity remains at 100 percent. An alternate benefit of the AIS-360 Buffer is that it expands the number of receivers that can utilize a single ARINC 429 bus.

¡°New aircraft systems are being installed for valuable customer and operational reasons and new flight critical systems are being installed on older aircraft. In both cases, the systems utilize the ARINC 429 bus. Isolation between the certified and uncertified systems is extremely important,¡± said Trevor Lund, Shadin¡¯s director of product management. ¡°The AIS-360 Buffer enables this isolation allowing customers to avoid costly system upgrades.¡± 

The AIS-360 Buffer has two channels. One is set up for ARINC 429 Low Speed data and the second to receive ARINC 429 High Speed data. The label data is unchanged, and the update rates remain identical to the inputs. 


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