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CAAC Issued the Administrative Measures for Civil Pilotless Aviation Test Base (Test Area)

Mar 15,2021

CAAC issued the administrative measures for civil pilotless aviation test base (test area). The "measures" pointed out that the experimental area should carry out annual self-assessment to ensure the operation safety of the experimental area and the progress of output results. CAAC regional administration shall regularly organize relevant personnel to supervise and guide the information submission, operation management and safety management of the test area according to the actual situation of the test area under its jurisdiction. In terms of operation management, the test area should organize and coordinate flight activities within its scope according to the principles of fairness, justice and coordination, and gradually establish and improve the conditions and systems required for operation management.

Under this background, the 6th Annual Civil Aviation Training International Forum 2021will be held on May 26th-28th, in Langfang, China. The forum subject is "Pioneering and Innovative, Leading New Revolution of Aviation training" aims to introduce advance ideas and methods, share successful experiences, combine with that situation of the aviation division itself, to open up more efficient and more active training mechanism.

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