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Harnessing the Power of AI to Deliver More Intelligent Engine Inspections

Mar 12,2021

One thing is true in any industry C time is money. So when the Rolls-Royce Innovation Hub came up with the Intelligent Borescope that can reduce the time it takes to inspect an aircraft engine by 75% and could save up to 100m in inspection costs over five years, they knew they had created something that was not only cost effective but could potentially transform the future of aviation inspection procedures.

Our new Intelligent Borescope capability brings together cutting-edge technology and AI in a way that has never been used in the aviation industry before, says Adriano Pulisciano, Rolls-Royce Imaging and Computer Vision Specialist.

How to use the AI and other technologies to improve efficiency and production quality is also one of our urgent needs. In this context, the 5th Commercial Aero Engines Shanghai International Forum will be held in Shanghai from June 17-18, 2021. and we will invite domestic and foreign aviation engine experts to discuss it, such as AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd., SAFRAN, Honeywell Aerospace and so on. Also welcome you come here

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