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Rolls-Royce Tests 100% Biofuel in Latest Business Jet Engine

Feb 8,2021

Engineers at Rolls-Royce have conducted the first tests of 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel in a business jet engine.

The test demonstrated that the Rolls-Royce’s current engines for large civil and business jet applications can operate with 100% SAF as a full drop-in option, laying the groundwork for moving this type of fuel towards certification. At present, SAF is only certified for blends of up to 50% with conventional jet fuel and can be used on all current Rolls-Royce engines.

The Pearl 700 engine is being developed for the Gulfstream G700 aircraft expected to enter service in 2022. The engine combines the Advance2 engine core with a low-pressure system to enable an 8% increase in take-off thrust at 18,250 lbs compared to the Rolls-Royce’s BR725 business jet engine.

China is also actively promoting the sustainable development of aero engines. In this context, the 5th Commercial Aero Engines Shanghai International Forum will be held in Shanghai from June 17-18th, 2021. It will be hosted by AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd. The forum will provide you cutting-edge information on the market forecast and future direction of China's aero engines.

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