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CPaT Global Announces Expansion of New Product C CPaT Invent

Jan 26,2021

On Jan. 19, CPaT Global announced that its recently released product, CPaT Invent, is now available with CPaTs portfolio of aviation specialty (or general subjects) courses for all fleets, in addition to Aircraft Procedures courses for the large majority of fleets.

Since launching the product, the CPaT Global team has been continually building out the dynamic software to include CPaTs entire product portfolio. The latest version of Invent includes CPaTs complete catalog of general subjects courses ranging from A-Z from Adverse Weather, Concepts of Weight and Balance, and Hot Temperature Operations, to Volcanic Ash and Weather Radar, just to name a few. The addition of the Aircraft Procedures suite includes FMS Skills training, Cockpit Procedures training, and Walk Around training for the 737-800, 737-8MAX, A320 Enh, A330, B777, and B787 fleets. Aircraft Procedures for the A220 and A320neo fleets will be ready in early Feb.

CPaT Invent has been a game-changer for distance learning in the aviation industry, said Kent Morrison, CPaT president. We will continue to expand the capabilities of the software platform with robust features and new content to ensure that our clients are fully empowered with the right set of tools to implement their training program.

Having CPaTs aviation specialty courses available in Invent allows customers to self-edit CPaTs professionally-designed and developed lessons or their own materials to airline-specific procedures and aviation regulations. Clients can add new slides, replace audio and graphics, insert new text, and upload reference material such as manual pages or bulletins. The Aircraft Procedures suite is pre-loaded with OEM procedures and offers clients 2D and 3D training for critical skills ahead of costly simulator and classroom training. Within CPaT Invent, the procedural training can also be tailored to specific airline and training organization's needs.

Under this background, the 6th Annual Civil Aviation Training International Forum 2021 will be held on April 20th-21st, 2021 in Beijing, China. The forum subject is "Pioneering and Innovative, Leading New Revolution of Aviation training" aims to introduce advance ideas and methods, share successful experiences, combine with that situation of the aviation division itself, to open up more efficient and more active training mechanism.

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