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Curtiss-Wright Receives EASA Certification for Imaging Multi-purpose Flight Recorder​

Jan 15,2021

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)  has issued a Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification for Curtiss-Wright¡¯s imaging multi-purpose flight recorder.

The certification covers the imaging multi-purpose flight recorder (iMPFR), cockpit area camera, cockpit area microphone and imaging cockpit control unit elements of the ISSKOR flight recorder system which is being used by Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut in its MC-21 aircraft. The EASA certification is also recognized by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and other regulatory bodies.
The ISSKOR system integrates all of the major components required to gather and store critical flight data, such as parametric, voice, cockpit image, display data, and datalink in crash protected memory based on Curtiss-Wright¡¯s Fortress flight data recorder solutions.

The iMPFR supplied for use on the MC-21 exceeds 25 hours recording capacity for parametric flight data and datalink information. It is also capable of recording more than two hours of 4 channels of digital voice and cockpit image data.

Lynn Bamford, president of defense and power segments at Curtiss-Wright said, ¡°We are very pleased to have received EASA TSO certification for the iMPFR and other components used in the ISSKOR flight recorder system selected by Irkut for their exciting new MC-21 twinjet airliner program.

¡°We are uniquely positioned to provide our aviation customers with complete data recording system solutions, fully integrated and tested, leveraging our best-in-class Fortress cockpit voice and flight data recorder solutions.¡±

Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures its flight recorder products at its Bournemouth, UK and Dublin, Ireland facilities.

Statistics over the past 50 years show that commercial air travel has become one of the safest and most reliable modes of transportation. As the safety of commercial flight continues to improve, the demand for advanced commercial avionics technology continues to grow.

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