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Rolls-Royce Launches VR Software to Help Engineers Repair Aircraft Engines

Dec 15,2020

According to the news reported, VR software can clearly view each engine part in perspective and use the VR control handle to disassemble it. The user can use the control handle to draw in three-dimensional space and add notes.

In this simulation software, users can even pick up a variety of tools to disassemble and maintain the engine as in reality. Users can even use a paper cutter to peel off the sealing tape.

The maintenance steps such as "preparation, removing the cable connection, disconnecting the A/C fuel supply line, and draining the FPMU". Each step has detailed instructions. There are always two roles: Maintainer and Instructor in the VR scene, which can communicate with each other.

The advantages of using VR software to train maintenance personnel are:

, reduces training, personnel travel costs

reduces training obstacles

reduces personnel and equipment risks

reduces aircraft grounding time

improves personnel safety

A deeper understanding of the operating principles of aero-engines

improves the efficiency of knowledge acquisition and improves the memory effect

allows students to participate and increase practical experience

In the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, in the face of severe and complex international epidemic and world economic situation, China's aviation engine industry around the "digital engine", "smart engine". With the help of high-performance computing simulation technology, 5G communication technology, Al artificial intelligence technology, VR virtual reality and other related technologies to achieve design and manufacturing synergy, reduce the risk and cost of aviation engine development, reduce physical testing, shorten the development cycle, improve the efficiency and quality of engine research and development.

Against this background, 5th Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum will be held in Shanghai from March 24-25, 2021.

The following is the hot topics:

Aero engine simulation technology:

l High-fidelity physical models and simulation techniques for computational fluid mechanics

l Challenges and breakthroughs in simulation technology in the field of engine high-speed


Advanced testing and strength testing techniques for aero engines:

Carry out the engine performance appraisal and evaluation combined with simulation test and whole machine physical test, and improve the efficiency and level of research and development

Multidisciplinary design to solve the problem of low precision of traditional testing program analysis


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