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FreeFlight Adds Digital-to-Analog Radar Alt Convertor

Nov 13,2020

FreeFlight Systems has unveiled the FDC-500 Convertor, a compact digital-to-analog convertor that allows the replacement of heavy, legacy radar altimeters with FreeFlight Systems¡¯ RA4000/4500 radar altimeters, while retaining existing antennas, cabling, and flight deck indicators. According to the Irving, Texas-based company, the FDC-500 will allow RA4000/4500 installations into turboprops and small business jets, while retaining their original analog panel indicators such as the BendixKing KNI 415 and KNI 416 altitude Indicators.

The RA4000/4500 radar altimeter is a ¡°robust and reliable solution to provide accurate height above terrain for aircraft in harsh conditions and environments time and time again,¡± the company said.

¡°In continuing FreeFlight¡¯s mission to outfit legacy aircraft with avionics for modern airspace systems, the FDC-500 is an ideal product to add to our portfolio,¡± said FreeFlight Systems president and CEO Tim Taylor. Deliveries of the FDC-500 will begin next month, he added.

The digital development of avionics system is attracting more and more attention. It has become an indispensable part of large civil aircraft, and plays a very important role in ensuring the safety and reliability. During the 14th-Five-Year Plan, China has made a detailed plan for the development of avionics industry, under this background, the 10th Annual Civil Avionics International Forum will be held in the city of Shanghai, on early June, 2021.

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