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Rolls-Royce to Accelerate Future Aerospace Technologies through ATI Programme

Nov 13,2020

A new project led by Rolls-Royce with support from the ATI Programme is to make future aerospace servicing technologies a reality.

Technologies included within the programme include:

¡¤ Snake robots which travel inside jet engines to access complex parts, enabling repairs which are not possible with today¡¯s tools;
¡¤ Engine sensors which send us data from the sky and allow us to better predict when engines need maintenance;
¡¤ Inspection and analysis tools to inspect parts buried deep within engines while they are being repaired;
¡¤ Advanced automated repair technologies targeting parts which cannot currently be repaired, meaning they do not need to be scrapped.

Miniature maintenance and inspection tools as well as new repair technologies will be used on Rolls-Royce¡¯s existing engines such as the Trent XWB, while engineers will explore how to repair and maintain aerospace materials and components for future low-carbon engines, including electric technology.

They will work on inspection and repair solutions for composite fan technology, which reduces the weight of a jet engine and will be used in the manufacturer¡¯s next-generation engine design, UltraFan.

Servicing the gas turbine and hybrid electric engines of the future

Dr Ian Mitchell, Chief of Technology ¨C Repair and Services, Rolls-Royce, said: ¡°Our latest engines are quieter and cleaner than ever before, substantially reducing CO2 emissions. This programme will take that one step further by improving how we service our engines, creating technologies which will reduce waste, avoid emissions and minimise disruption, while laying the foundations to service the gas turbine and hybrid-electric engines of the future.¡±

China immediately entered the 14th Five-Year Development Phase, how to vigorously domestic engine autonomous performance, enhance the core competitiveness is the key. Under this background, the 5th Commercial Aero Engines International Forum will be held in Shanghai from March 24th-25th, 2021. Focusing on scientific and technological innovation-driven, integration of industry in-depth, the forum invited a number of domestic and foreign aero engines and aircraft host development units.

The following are the hot topics:

¡¤ The aviation industry policy and market trends under the 14th Five-Year Plan

¡¤ Aero engine simulation technology

¡¤ Advanced test and test technology for aero engines

¡¤ Advanced aero engine materials and processing technology

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