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AJW Group Facilitates First COMAC Aircraft Crosswind Testing

May 25,2018

A strategic partnership between AJW Group and COMAC has seen the first advanced regional jet developed by the Chinese manufacturer successfully complete crosswind testing at Icelands Keflavik International Airport.


COMACs ARJ21 aircraft has been flying since June 2016 and the completion of these tests will now enable COMAC to expand the operating parameters of the aircraft. This is a huge strategic achievement for COMAC and the Chinese government which will allow the manufacturer to fulfil the 453 orders placed up till now.


AJW has been collaborating with COMAC and Icelands airports authority, ISAVIA, since September 2017 to manage the five-week testing programme, which involved a delegation of more than 100 engineers, meteorologists, pilots and support staff travelling to Iceland from China to perform the tests. AJW coordinated the logistics, flight plan approvals, test flight assessments and spares and maintenance support throughout the tests.


Yuerang ZHAO, President of COMAC, said, These tests mark an exciting milestone in the development of the ARJ21 and a huge strategic breakthrough for COMAC. AJWs unrivalled commitment to COMAC has added tremendous value to our team.


With the development of China civil aircraft, Chinese operation support market is larger and the Chinese companies need to learn more advanced technology from foreign companies.


Under this background, Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum(CAOSTIF) will be held on September 13th-14th in Chengdu, China. The partners will explore areas where they can leverage their strengths to help increase support availability and technical expertise for the growing operation support market in China.


Register CAOSTIF or get in touch with marketing@galleon.cc for more details.



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