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The FL-64 Wind Tunnel of the Aviation Industry Pneumatic Institute Completes the First Hypersonic 3D Schlieren Trial in China

Jun 15,2022

Recently, Aeronautical Pneumatic Institute has completed the technical verification of typical model 3D ripple shadow test in FL-64 wind tunnel, and successfully realized the 3D reconstruction of excitation system of hypersonic configuration.

The test is based on the existing wind tunnel roll mechanism and 2D ripple shadow system, and adopts the principle of tomography technology to obtain omnidirectional ripple shadow image by model roll, and after image and data processing such as sinusoidal map extraction, inverse radontransform and tomography data stitching, a spatial light intensity field with pixel-level resolution is successfully constructed, which can be used to display the 3D surge structure. The establishment of 3D ripple shadow test technology is of great significance to promote the research of 3D flow mechanism of hypersonic velocity and improve the quality of wind tunnel test data.

The FL-64 wind tunnel continues to carry out flow field calibration and modeling tests, and now has the full Mach test capability from Mach 4.0 to 8.0. At the same time, FL-64 wind tunnel continues to strengthen the construction of special test capabilities, and has completed the verification of low dynamic pressure, air inlet, flow display, CTS and many other test capabilities. With the continuous expansion and enhancement of test systems and measurement technologies, the FL-64 wind tunnel test technology capability is becoming more and more perfect. The project team will take the wind tunnel as the basis, give full play to the technical advantages of the integrated research teams of the pneumatic institute, adhere to the goal of "creating high output value and achieving original results", and continuously improve the level of hypersonic wind tunnel testing and scientific research technology.

Under this background, the 12th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2022 will be held on July 21st-22nd, in Nanchang city, Jiangxi Province, China. You are welcome to participate.

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