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Huahu Airport in Full Swing for the Opening at the End of June

May 30,2022

On May 16, the Yangtze River Daily reporter saw in Ezhou HuaHu Airport Terminal Building, staff are working hard to finish the work to prepare for the airport to open as scheduled.

The reporter saw that on the tarmac, driverless cars shuttled back and forth. Inside the transfer station, robots sort goods ...... These scenes will become the norm at Ezhou HuaHu Airport after the opening of the flight.

69 5G stations have been deployed at HuaHu Airport to achieve full access to 5G signals in public areas. Through the use of 5G, operations and maintenance of the engine room, perimeter robot inspection, drone inspection, unmanned driving on the ramp, robot sorting and other operations can be carried out.

The HuaHu Airport has also established a simulation centre, which through intelligent algorithms is able to realise the whole process of simulation including aircraft scheduling, aircraft space allocation, cargo loading and unloading port allocation, aircraft taxiing and vehicle driving paths. In addition, a mathematical model can be established to predict the flow of passengers and cargo based on the operational experience of SF and guide the construction layout and operational plan of the airport. The digital simulation model can link aircraft, security vehicles, sorting systems and other entities to realize intelligent simulation of the whole process of the airport system, including flight take-off and landing, aircraft taxiing, cargo loading and unloading, trailer transport, service vehicle security, ticket processing in sorting centres, ground traffic and vehicle scheduling management. It can clearly and intuitively display the simulation operation, key index data and airport operation scenario comparison.

Under this background, the Smart Airport Development International Forum will be held on November 22nd-23rd in Shanghai, China. The forum was hosted by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, supported by Shanghai Airport Authority , Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District, organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. The forum will mainly focus on Industry New Policies Guidance, 5G and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Mining and Internet of Things, Innovation Infrastructure, Business Automation and Personalized Service, Energy Conservation and Efficient, Passenger Satisfaction Enhancement

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