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BAE Joins GE Aviation-Led Hybrid Electric Aircraft Tech Demonstrator Program

Apr 28,2022

GE Aviation has selected BAE Systems to provide equipment needed for a NASA research project aimed at developing a megawatt-class hybrid electronic propulsion system for single-aisle aircraft.

As part of the GE-led initiative, BAE said Thursday it will design, test and produce energy management components including controls, cables and batteries for the hybrid electric technology demonstrator.

The defense contractor will test the power management system on CT7-9B turboprop engines.

BAE will also support ground and flight test demonstrations and offer guidance for electric flight certification.

¡°We are harnessing our expertise in energy management systems and flight critical controls to support the development of electric propulsion systems for the future of flight,¡± said Ehtisham Siddiqui, vice president and general manager of controls and avionics solutions at BAE.

In a separate announcement, GE Aviation said NASA and its partners are investing a total of $260 million in the Electric Powertrain Flight Demonstration research project over the next five years.

The ¡°6th Annual Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum¡± (CAESH) will be held in the city of Shanghai on June 15th to 16th, 2022, focus on scientific and technological innovation-driven, integration of industry in-depth and with a number of domestic and foreign aero engines and aircraft host development units to focus on the ¡°aviation industry policies and market trends¡±, ¡°application of new renewable energy and hydrogen fuel¡±, ¡°advanced aero engine materials and processing technology¡±, ¡°global short-term supply chain coordination¡± and other hot topics, to build a high platform for aero engine technology exchanges, academic discussions and business cooperation.

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