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On 25/03/2022 Italian Global Company BLM Group Will Hold Its Open House Event, Which, Due to the Current Situation, Will Be Completely Transmitted Online in This Edition.

Mar 15,2022

1)Who is BLM Group?

BLM Group an Italian company, world leader in the manufacturing of metallic tube processing machineries.

2) What does BLM Group do?

BLM Group machineries' portfolio comprehends a complete range of tube processing technologies: laser-tube cutting, tube-bending, tube end-forming, tube-sawing, wire-bending, combined laser-cutting systems for tube and sheet, combined sawing&chamfering systems.

BLM Group: the perfect solution for the Aerospace Industry

Aircraft and aerospace industry high quality and precision standards require high technology: BLM Group offers a complete range of tube processing machineries, from tube-bending till end-forming through cold-saw and laser cutting able to meet these strict needs.
As global leader in tube-bending technology, BLM Group offers a range of 12 different models of fully electric tube-bending machines, able to provide:
-Maximum accuracy: precise and correct parts from the first attempt to prevent wasting special materials;
-Maximum Flexibility: Systems that are easy to set up for rapid prototyping. Fast and reliable for mass production;
-Maximum repeatability, thanks to the patented B-Tools and B-Right options°£

BLM GROUP systems are the solution to satisfying the stringent quality requirements of the aerospace sector. The experience in working with special materials, the precision and repeatability of the processes, and rapid prototyping make it easy to obtain the desired results, especially in an industry where every detail is critical.

What to expect from BLM Group On-Line Open House event?
During the event you will get a brief introduction about BLM Group, its historical milestones, and its technologies. In particular, the focus will be on three BLM Group state-of-the-art processes: the laser-tube, the tube-bending, and the all-in-one technologies.
The first half of the event will be dedicated to BLM Group's laser-tube equipment, with a deep technical explanation of 3 unique models: LT7 (for tubes up to 152mm OD), LT8 (for tubes up to 250mm OD), and the LTJUMBO (for big structural pipes up to 610mm OD).
During this section we will also interview one of our long-term customer in China, a high-end job-shop specialized in the manufacturing of furniture for offices, shops and outlets, and electrical and server cabinets.
The second half of the event is focused on the tube-bending technology, with particular attention to two models out of BLM Group's 12 tube-bending machines range: ELECT-102 and ETURN-40.
Finally, we will present BLM Group's unique ALL-IN-ONE technology, which is the combination of laser and bending in a single system that allows different softwares and hardwares to communicate with each other in order to automatically adjust the process according to the material elongation and deformities, and eventually to reach a perfect final result without waste of material, time and labor.

How to register?
Please scan the event QR code below and insert your basic contact information. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation. We look forward you to connect with us on March the 25th at 14:00!
Please also scan our WeChat page below to be kept updated with BLM Group's news and articles.

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