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Rusadas Latest App Focusing on Mobility, Designed for Pilots and Flight Crew Members

Feb 14,2022

Flight crew can view all the information they need in one place, which removes the need for time-consuming phone calls, or updates.
Rusada recently revealed a new mobile application for their Airworthiness, MRO and flight operations solutions. The app is call ENVISION Flights and it is specifically designed for pilots and other members of flight crew.  This app works closely alongside ENVISIONs Flight Operations module to provide users with live flight details including departure/arrival location, ETD/ETA, flight type and aircraft registration as well as expected passengers, baggage, and freight.

Julian Stourton, CEO, Rusada said, We are very excited to be releasing yet another new application to the market. What I like most about this app is that flight crew can view all the information they need in one place, which removes the need for time-consuming phone calls, or updates from various third-party agents. This should make their lives much easier and allow for everyone in the organization to be on the same page.

ENVISION Flights becomes the third new app released in the last 10 months after ENVISION Tasks and ENVISION Stock were launched in 2021, highlighting Rusadas current focus on mobility.

Several key actions can also be carried out directly from the cockpit using this app. Actuals and oil & fuel uplift can be recorded, existing flights diverted or cancelled, new flights added, crew assigned, and defects reported.

Under this background, Aviation Digital Operation Technology International Forum 2022 is planned to be held in Xiamen city from May 12 to 13, 2022, the theme of this forum is Focus on digital empowerment and accelerate the intelligent development and reform of civil aviation in China, pay attention to the multi-domain and multi-agent digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of airlines, hub airports and operation support units, focus on the main contents of smart travel, smart logistics, smart operation, smart supervision, public services and innovation infrastructure, improve aircraft operation safety, operation efficiency and production organization capacity, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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