43 Air School is a dedicated pilot and aviation training career organization, catering for the private, general commercial airline and military sectors. It has extensive experience in training self and corporate sponsored pilots, air traffic controllers and maintenance candidates from different cultural backgrounds and from various countries around the world.

The school is able to provide a high quality service because it has the following fundamentals in place, essential for the conducting of effective training:
• Environment: Well suited for initial basic and advanced operational flying training.
• Equipment and Facilities: The school is geared specifically and exclusively for flying training. Personnel have extensive operational and training expertise.
• Expertise: The school has been conducting career pilot training for more than 27 years.
• Experience: The school has over 5000 graduates to date.

The school is one of the largest and most respected flying training establishments in Africa, with an international reputation for providing a high quality flying training service. Courses are approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority, and range from basic flying training to integrated 'Frozen' ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) level and Jet Pilot Programs. Specialized modules such as Upset Recovery training, MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation Training), and CRM (Crew Resource Management), to mention a few, are provided as required.

The school currently holds an accreditation by Jeppesen and the Boeing Aircraft Company and is the only ab-initio training facility in Africa that holds this accreditation. The school operates a fleet of 57 training aircraft, and has a staff of 200 plus of whom approximately 50 plus are flight and ground instructors. Full residential facilities for an average student population of 300 cadet pilots are provided at its Port Alfred and Port Elizabeth campuses.

XSPEC Aviation specializes in remanufacturing pre May-2008 Flight Simulators (AST / FRASCA). We build our training devices on cores that would be very expensive just years ago. Rebuilt with modern technology, we are able to provide a very high quality training device at a price point that other companies simply cannot match.

Since 2012, we have been the leader in flight simulator remanufacturing. We are the first company to successfully remanufacture the FRASCA 142 into an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). William Hill has over 30 years in the Aviation industry; while Aaron Hill is an award winning programmer- we are a family owned & operated company since 2008.

The XSPEC 142, our flagship device; is our representation of innovation meeting necessity. Our clients need realistic, effective training devices. They cannot settle for an inferior, unrealistic representation. However, they also cannot afford more expensive manufacturers like FRASCA. We are able to provide similar, realistic training at a fraction of the cost.

We strive for excellent customer support; which is why we offer a one-year warranty. Lifetime remote assistance technical support.

Flying is a passion at XSPEC Aviation; we enjoy it. Happy landings!

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