CAMPS 2016 Agenda Preview
Date Content
Oct 20th ~21st
Policy Analysis ● Potential Benefit of 13th-five-year Plan Towards China Aeronautical Materials Industry
● Implication of 'Made in China 2015' for Intelligent Aeronautical Material Manufacturing
Airworthiness Certification ● CAAC Airworthiness Certification for Aeronautical Materials
● Current Quality Management Situation in China Aeronautical Industry
Process Technologies Introduction of Manufacturing Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness Process Technologies:
● Welding Technology
● Laser Processing
Introduction of The Advanced Process Technologies Used by Main OEMs:
● Non-Autoclave Molding Technology
● 3D Printing
● Digital Manufacturing Technology
Application of Different Aeronautical Materials Introduction of The New Aeronautical Materials as well as The Traditional Ones Used on Fuselage and Aero-engine:
● Aluminum Alloys
● Composite Materials – Carbon Fiber; Graphene
● Resin Matrix Composite Materials
● Titanium Alloys etc.
Future Trends
● Increasing Demand of Innovative Aeronautical Materials in Commercial Aircraft Market
AIS 2016 Agenda Preview
Date Content
Oct 21st 2016
Airworthiness Certification ● Quality Management of Aircraft Interior Materials and Products
● The Adaption of 16g Safe Seating to Airworthiness System
Market Trend and Passenger Experience ● Chinese Demand and Characteristics of Aircraft Interiors
● Design Concept in Current China Aircraft Interior Market
● Enhancing Passenger Experience through Reshaping Cabin Interior
Innovative Technology and Cost Effectiveness ● Advanced Overhead Stowage Bin Development
● Cabin Interior: Flame Retardance, Comfortability, Safety and Economy
● Innovative MRO Solutions
● Innovative 3D Printing and Modelling in Aircraft Interior Industry


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