Topics In Details at CAIIF 2019

< 一 > Policy Interpretation and Market Analysis
●A New Round Of Scientific And Technological Revolution And Industrial Transformation Promote The High-Quality Development Of China's Civil Aviation Industry
●Ensuring Flight Safety and Promoting Industry Development
●Adhere To Independent Innovation, Utilize Global Resources, And Establish A Sound Civil Aircraft Industry System
●The Development Strategy of Boeing Civil Aircraft Industry in China
●Aviation Industry in The International Subcontract Production Business Development
●Reform and Innovation, Accelerate the Development of Civil Aviation Industry
●Deepen China-Europe Strategic Cooperation on Civil Aviation
●The Future Development of Chinese Aero Engine
●Innovative Technology of Large Culvert Ratio Civil Turbofan Engine
<二> Airworthiness Security and Quality Control
●Thoughts on Aircraft Optimization Design in AG600 Comprehensive Test Flight and How to Realize Commercialization in the Future
●International Bilateral Seaworthiness
●Aircraft Design Safety and Reliability Considerations and Airworthiness Reviews
●The Top-Level Planning and Coordinated Development of MA700 in the Comprehensive Trial Production Stage
●Research on Innovative Application of 5G Intelligent Technology in the Field of Aviation Quality Inspection
●Progress and Experience Summary of Airworthiness Certification of AC312E Helicopter and 12F Additional Equipment
●Enhance the Ability of Intelligent Innovation to Achieve the Safety and Reliability of Aircraft
●Development and Requirement of Virtual Test Flight System for Integration of Air and Ground

Panel Discussion: How Does the Development and Improvement of Civil Aircraft Promote the Safe and Reliable Flight of Civil Aviation
●Construction of Airworthiness Quality System for New Passenger Plane
●Application of New Technology in the Safe Operation of Civil Aircraft
●Requirements and Suggestions on Civil Aircraft Development for Safe and E?cient Operation of Civil Aviation System
<三> Civil Aircraft Design and Manufacturing
●Research Progress and Future Challenges of Optical High Precision Machining Technology
●The Digital Design of MA700
●“Black Light Factory” to “Unmanned Factory” Innovative Construction
●Intelligent Production Line Application of Civil Aircraft
●Lightweight Thermoplastic Composites In Aircraft Cabin Interiors
●Application of Digital Intelligent Technology in Civil Aircraft Production Line
●Driven by Data, the Collaborative Research and Development Platform is Constructed to Promote Design Collaboration and Improve Research and Development Efficiency
●How to Accelerate the Adjustment of Civil Aircraft Industrial Structure and Technical Upgrading
●How will 5G, big data, AI and Cloud Computing to help Wide-Body Aircraft Manufacturing
●Test Design and Verification Technology Sharing for Aircraft Power System Supplied to MA700
●The Application of Digital Processing Technology and Equipment and its Future Popularization
●Engineering Application of Wire Harness Automatic Wiring Equipment
●Multi-Robot Collaborative Control Technology - Reduces the Cost of Transformation, Upgrading and Expansion of Aviation Production Lines

Panel Discussion: Application of Digital Intelligence Technology In Aircraft Manufacturing
●An Initial Exploration of Augmented Reality (AR) Technology in Aircraft Assembly
●Construction and Application of Digital Assembly Line in C919 Project
●How can AI Technology be Applied to Realize the Intellectualization of Aircraft Parts Detection

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