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May 11th Morning
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May 11th
Civil Aerospace Congress 2016
May 11th
1-to-1 Business Meeting
May 12th
Civil Aerospace Congress 2016
-- Intelligent Manufacturing Sub-forum
-- Aero Electromechanics System Sub-forum
May 12th Morning
1-to-1 Business Meeting

Day 1    Main Forum Day 2    Intelligent
Manufacturing Sub-forum
Day 2    Aero Electro-mechanics
System Sub-forum
Policy Updates - Analysis of the "Made in China 2025" policy implementation in aviation industry Policy Updates - New co-operations for aviation industry – "Internet+" contributes to more possibilities More electric aircraft development – the facilitator of aero electro-mechanics systems innovation
The future prospects of China wide body aircraft development and the Case Study: Smart Parts Program – How to minimize the cost in Policy Updates - Break through the limitation of aero EM system
opportunities to China aircraft OEMs aircraft life cycle and ensure the operational reliability? development by progressing in phrases
Luncheon Luncheon Luncheon
Panel Discussion
The impact of air transportation market demand and economic environment on aircraft selection and aerospace industry development – How to optimize aircraft selection and achieve synergy between aerospace manufacturing industry and aviation service industry?
Panel Discussion
Driving interoperability through supplier chain system establishment and data connections - the way to optimized cost structures and efficient management models
Panel Discussion
Alternative solutions of verifications and qualifications to advance EM system reliability and subsystem matching

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