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Upcoming Events

The 6th Civil Aircraft Operation Support Technology International Forum

& The 27th Maintenance and spares Support Conference

March 1st-2nd, 2023 Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

8th Ammual Aeronautical Materialsand Manufacturing Techrology - Focus on the Developmer

of Digital Processing Technology for Advanced Aerospace Materials International Forum

March 15th-16th,2023 xiamen City, Fujian Province

Aircraft Value Management International Forum

March 29th- 30th, 2023 Shanghai Chine

7th Annual Commercial Aero Engine Shanghai International Forum 2023

April 20th-21st, 2023 Taicang City

13th Annual Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2023

April 25th-26th, 2023 Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

12th Annual Avionics International Forum 2023

June 28th-29th,2023

The 11th International Smart Airport Development Forum 2023 &  Smart Aviation Logistics International Forum 2023

July 13th-14th,  Bejing Daxing Airport Economic Zone

The 39th China Helicopter Academic Exchange Conference

7th Annual Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum

Aug 23th-24th, 2023 | Sichuan·Guanghan

2023 Aviation Digital Operation Congress

Sept 5th-6th, 2023 | Haikou City·Hainan Province

11th Annual China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2023

September 21st-22nd, 2023 | Changsha City,Hunan Province

Civil Aviation Flight and Operation Technology Forum 2023
October 17th -18th, 2023  Chengdu·Sichuan

6th Aero Electromechanics China 2023
Oct 19th-20th, 2023 | Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

13th Annual China Aviation Industry International Summit 2023—Aviation Industry Chain Development and Quality Improvement

Oct 28th-29th | Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

The 28th Line Maintenance and Material Support Conference 

November 9th -10th, 2023   Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

2nd New Energy Aviation International Forum 2023

November 15th-16th  Beijing, China

2023 China Aviation Emergency Rescue Annual Conference

November 22nd-23rd, 2023  Langfang, Hebei

Aircraft Value Management International Forum 2023
November 29th-30th , 2023 Shanghai

Aviation Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Technical Forum

11月30日-12月1日, 2023 | China·Shanghai

9th Annual Aeronautical Materials and Manufacturing Technology International Forum 2023

December 6th-7th | Shanghai, China

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