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Leveraging on growth in the China avionics sector

Aerospace, a new-type rising industry in China, will enjoy its tremendous demand increasing in jumbo and regional jet market. In the next 20 years, China will need more than 4,500 new jumbo and regional airplanes worth about USD 420bn.

In the avionics sector, the Chinese corporate aim to develop airborne equipment, mission equipment, ATM and ground equipment & system into professional, systematic, storage space-optimized and scaled-up models by integrating self innovation and international cooperation. By 2015, China is expected to achieve its avionics system matching capacity through international cooperation. And by 2020, the self-developed matching capacity is going to find fulfillment.

The avionics industry in China is rapidly growing due to drivers such as the globalization of the aerospace industry, civilian use of military technology, increasing government investments, stronger government requirements in avionics systems localization and demand for advanced solutions to respond to the industry upgrade of the next generation.

As the aircraft neural network, avionics system plays a prominent role, which also indicates the level of aircraft advancement. Consequently, with the further development of C919 project, China avionics industry will present unprecedented opportunities in the aspects of basic R&D, general design, comprehensive integration, qualification approval and airworthiness certification.

Speaker Faculty

Gaozhuo LIU
Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Xiaoping LV
Inspector (Director General Level)
Air Traffic Management Bureau, CAAC
Benjian LI
Deputy Inspector (Deputy Director General Level)
Department of Equipment Industry
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Bozhi GUO
COMAC Research and Development Center
Guoqing WANG
AVIC Radio Electronics Research Institute
Guangrong QIU
AVIC Helicopter Research and Development Institute
Xianpeng XIONG
Vice President
AVIC General Aircraft Design and Research Institute
Wensheng NIU
Vice President, Chief Engineer, Director of Committee of Science and Technology
AVIC Xi'an Aeronautical Computing Technology Research Institute
Paul NEF
Business Development Director Asia-Pacific
Honeywell Aerospace
Engineering / Technology Program Leader
System Pursuit Adv Integration US GE Aviation Systems
Jinsong XIA
Deputy Chief Executive
Thales China
Director, Commercial Systems Marketing, Asia Pacific
Rockwell Collins

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