March 30th , 2012, Shanghai





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9: 20

Analyzing the planning of China's Aviation Industry .
.Insight into the strategic challenges and opportunities for China’s Aviation market in the next decade.

.Bengjian LI
Deputy Director General
Department of Equipment Industry
Ministry of Industry and Information

9: 50

Functional requirement and technology development of  Large Civil  Aircraft ’s avionics system

.Guirong ZHOU
Deputy Chief Designer of C919

10: 20

Integrated avionics system and information fusion technology

.Guoqing WANG
Director General
Chinese Aeronautical
Radio Electronics

10: 50

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11: 05

World Aviation Industry Elite Panel.
.Exploring best configuration of avionics for China’s civil aircraft from different perspective.
.Assessing the trade-offs between safety , economics,capacity when deploying advanced technology in cockpit.
.Exploring the compatibility issue between Avionics system and air traffic control system.

AVIC Avionics System Company
.China Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute
.Boeing and Jeppesen
.Honeywell Aerospace

12: 05

Outline challenges and milestones on the critical path to delivering the benefits of SES Technology

.David YOUNG,
ATM Policy Bureau

12: 35

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13: 35

Retrofiting the aging fleet with advanced avionics system by minimize cost in a Downturn Economy.

. Rudy Bracho
Senior Manager
Commercial Aviation Services
Technical Services Modifications
Business & Product Development

Boeing Company

14: 05

Bombardier’s experience with avionics, focus on Q400 Turboprops
.What  is  best  opportunities for  AVIC Xi’an to leapfrog the development curve by implementing best practices from Bombardier? Are there synergies?
.Exploring  the  difficulty in adoption of Cutting adge avionics system and figure out possible solution.

. Bombardier

14: 35

Integrated modular avionics (IMA): a growing trend for tomorrow’s civil integrated avionics – an overview

.John D Watkins, Jr.

15: 00

Further exploration of large aircraft
The actrality and development of
airborne integrated surveillance

.Wei LI
Deputy Director General
China Leihua Electronic
Research Institute

15: 30

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15: 45

Application research about  IAOS(Integrated Avionics Operating System) and embedded software.


16: 15

Best Turboprop aircraft MA700
Breaking the old development model to adapt to the international demand by achieving serialized development.

.Jinglong FU
Head of Avionics
Xi'an Aircraft Industry
(Group) Company

16: 45

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of avionics  manufacturing industry during the process of globalization
Focus on supply chain management .

.Briand Greer
Asia Pacific President of Aerospace

17: 15

Application of opening architecture avionics system in general aircraft

Vice President
CETCA  Avionics

17: 40

Following the footprint:
.Overseas general aircraft OEM's experience with avionics.

.Mike Mena
Director, Advanced Cockpit Programs
Gulfstream Aerospace

18: 10

Status quo and development of china's civil helicopter avionics system
.Introduction of the current china's civil helicopter avionics system.
.Exploring the challenges of China's civil helicopter avionics system during the process of development and figure out possible solution.
.Future development model of China's civil helicopter avionics system.

.Yongchun LEI
Head of Avionics
Helicopter Design
Institute of
China Aviation

18: 40

End of first day


March 31th , 2012, Shanghai

9: 00

Low altitude airspace reform in China, increase efficient use of airspace to ensure the fly safety
.What does “opening up to low altitude airspace” mean to the civil aviation practitioners and pursue the safety, efficiency, and security of air transportation.
.Analysis of status and development of “opening up to low altitude airspace”
.Discussion of how chinese ATM system will be changed in order to deal with Increasingly heavy air traffic in terms of regulatory, management, and hardware.

. Lv Xiaoping
Deputy Director of Air Traffic Control
Civil Aviation Administration of China

9: 30

Key Aeronautical Information Issues and Opportunities on the Path to Future ATM Benefits

.Mike Lewis
Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs

10: 00

Challenges and development of civil airborne INS and flight control systems

.Yong WANG
Deputy Chief Engineer.Xi'an Flight Automatic Control Research Institute

10: 25

Development and application of Airborne Data Acquisition and Management (ADAM) system


10: 55

Networking Tea Break


11: 10

New airborne weather radar systems with NextGen weather capabilities.

.Steve Paramore
Director,Technical  Marketing
Rockwell Collins

11: 40

Status quo and future  of airborne information system

. Wensheng NIU
Director General
Avic Xi'an Aeronautical Computing Technology Research Institute

12: 05

Thales with C919 Avioncis system

.Jinsong XIA
Deputy CEO
Thales China

12: 35

The status of development of China’s Fixed Wing General Aviation:
.Identifying the market dilemma that Chinese General Aviation Industry faces
.Analysis of AVIC General Aviation’s international development strategy
.Analysis of challenges and opportunities of Chinese Avionics Industry under serialized development model of AVIC General Aviation

.Xianpeng XIONG
Deputy Director General
China Aviation Industry
General Aircraft Researching Institute

13: 00

Flying with fun:
.Promoting the usage of high-tech devices in cabin to improve passenger’s traveling experience and enhance loyalty and repeat business.

. Qiguang FANG
Head of Avionics ,
Deputy Director General
CETCA  Avionics

14: 00

End of Event



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