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What’s new in the China aviation manufacturing market?

The long expected first flight of China-made large airplane C919 in 2015 ----C919is expected to complete its maiden flight at the end of 2015 and its airworthiness ertification by the year 2018
----The airframe is now under assembly and main systems and materials have entered the ntegration period
----More advanced manufacturing equipments and technical supports, especially the intelligent manufacturing systems and additive manufacturing systems, are desperately needed for the reliability of the final product as well as the future productivity.
----Currently the local orders for C919 has exceeded 400

The approval of the Wide-Body Aircraft Project in 2015 ----A new wide-body aircraft, a jetliner with a capacity of more than 300 passengers, will beco-developed by Russia and China
-----Presentations of the cutting-edge technologies in all aspects are strongly welcomed by decision makers from COMAC

The upcoming opportunities in MA700 Project ----MA700 is moving into detailed designing now and component manufacturing in the middle of 2015
----Currently its manufacturing base is under construction in Xi’an province and manufacturing equipments are greatly needed.
-----MA700, who is the first brand-new turboprop airliner in China, plans to fly in 2017 and will start to serve in 2019
-----Currently the local orders for MA700 has exceeded 350

A historic moment in EC175/AC352 and AC3X2 projects in 2015 -----EC175 project isone multi-purposehelicopterand will be co-manufactured by Airbus Helicopter and AVIC Helicopter
-----Informationon AC3X2, the newest "low cost" 3-ton helicopter that debuted in Airshow China 2014, has widely drawn public attentions and is now under heated discussion;

The analysis of the Low-altitude sky open policy by Chinese Government ----After years’ efforts of loosing industry regulations limitation, 2015 will be a decisive year for general aviation industry

The potential business opportunities in A320 and A330 projects in China -----What can be referred to China’s Wide-Body aircraft project from A320 and A330 projects in advanced technologies, services and industrial distribution, etc.

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