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Established in 1963 through the merger of two organizations, the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences and the American Rocket Society, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the largest professional society devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation and space. AIAA’s mission is to advance the state of aerospace science, engineering and technological leadership. As a non-profit organization, AIAA seeks to meet the professional needs and interests of its members, as well as to improve the public understanding of the profession and its contributions to society, through the organization of fora, the publication and distribution of technical information, advocacy for the aerospace community, and through the dedication to a variety of educational activities.


CNBC is the recognized world leader in business news. Headquartered in the United States, CNBC is making up of CNBC US, CNBC Europe, CNBC Asia Pacific and CNBC World, covering over 380 million households worldwide.

CNBC brings 24-hour live broadcasting from Monday to Friday, providing global viewers with insightful analysis, real-time access to market data and indispensable business information. It has won the trust of business talents worldwide with its highly operational in-time information as well as in-depth analysis.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, the web edition of China Aviation News,is the No.1 online source for China aviation industry news.It serves not only as a platform for industry information and exchange, but also provides a window for the public to understand and learn more about aviation. The website receives over 200 updates per day, and includes sections covering transportation, civil aviation, defense, MRO, training, and others, as well as complete, top-to-bottom coverage of the whole industry supply chain. We know it is crucially important to have the latest industry information, and has become a leading platform for learning about industry events and a source for the latest information. As a tool for industry professionals, our website receives over 100,000 hits per day. Our website extensively offers the latest news, with over 50 articles, along with pictures and videos added daily. Additionally,our website is one of the top search results on Google, Baidu,Yahoo, and other search engines relating to China aviation news.


In China's aviation industry, no matter whether they are the leading cadres of Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), or the management of each airline carrier, even many frontline employees in the aviation sector use as their main channel for the latest civil aviation updates.

CARNOC have a monthly average of 1,640,000 visitors with 6,000,000 page views while registered users now total 512,000 with 88,000 being industry professionals.

Moreover, more than 8,700 users currently subscribe to Chinese Aviation News Email Alerts, and almost one out of every six Chinese civil aviation insiders is using resources provided by


Founded in 2007, PREXPRESS is the one of the first newswire service providers and also the only online solution provider for public relations in China. PREXPRESS is providing online press release services to over 2,000 domestic and foreign companies. PREXPRESS has become the largest professional press release service provider with the strongest execution and integration ability in China, following the joint investment from Omnicom Group and SHUNYA Group in 2010. Omnicom Group is the world's largest media group and SHUNYA Group is China's largest communication group.

China Aviation Publishing & Media Co., Ltd. (CAPMC) is the largest aviation/aerospace media publishing and information services group in China, focusing on publishing of books, periodicals and audiovisual production, it also supplies advertising and issue, design and CI, consulting and PR, conferences and exhibitions, information and on-line services. It was integrated by the merger of International Aviation Group (IAG), the leading aviation professional magazines group, and Aviation Industry Press (AIP), the largest aviation and engineering book publisher in China, and Beijing Aerospace Audio & Video Press, the only audio & video publishing house of aerospace.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is the largest English website introducing China aviation, which brings you all the important and fresh China aviation daily news because we filter and translate the most important China aviation news into English everyday. The Marketplace Channel devoted to building an information and e-commerce platform for global civil aviation, aviation and aerospace enterprises, is the largest China aviation on-line trading market and business community.


Aviation China, a subsidiary of Oriental Jet Consulting (Beijing) Co.,Ltd., officially went online in July,2011.It is an aero portal that offers consulting services, data sharing and interactive resources.

Founded in 2002, Aero China, the predecessor of Aviation China, has been dedicated to providing aero information and data. With 10 years’ development and efforts, Aero China has built a good prestige and reputation.

In early 2011, Aero China was upgraded and renamed as Aviation China. In July 2011, Aviation China officially went online. The new portal is popular for its fresher homepage, characterized channels and attractive contents. Meanwhile, Aviation China launched the unique E-aviation exhibition, Business Aviation Directory and Encyclopedia of Civil Aviation.


CNCOPTER is the first website focusing on the development and research of the helicopter industry in China. Our main target is to study and integrate the domestic helicopter demand and development by supplying the latest and most comprehensive helicopter materials including plenty of introduction, pictures, news and so on in the helicopter industry. Designing a different web page for each helicopter model in the world to record its developing history in the industry is our goal.