October 22nd, 2013

8:15-8:40 Conference Registration
8:40-9:00 Opening Ceremony

Session I Policy Update and Market Outlook
9:00–9:30 Seize the opportunities - Facilitating the growth of civil aircraft EM system

9:30–10:00 The development of electric aircraft and its influence on the electromechanical system

10:00–10:30 Integrated development of electromechanical system for civil aircraft - Opportunities and challenges for the integrated development of electromechanical system enterprises in China

10:30-11:00 Morning Coffee Break and Networking

11:00-11:30 International cooperation project plan of AVIC EM - How to establish a world-class aerospace industrial chain so as to create new business opportunities for the aviation electromechanical enterprises in China?

Session II Hydraulic and Fuel System
11:30-12:00 High-pressure distributed hydraulic energy technology – the solution to meet the challenge of the design of highly-reliable hydraulic pressure system
AVIC Jincheng Group Co., Ltd.

12:00-12:30 Upgrading fuel antiknock value of the advanced fuel system and enhancing aircraft safety


October 22nd, 2013

12:30-14:00 Networking Luncheon

14:00-14:30 To optimize the design and manufacture of the fuel piping system for aircrafts to enhance the efficiency of the aircraft assembly

Session III Electric and Power System
14:30-15:00 To explore the technical requirements in the development of the highly variable frequency generator for civil aircrafts and discern the potential opportunities in the international cooperation
AVIC Shaanxi Aero Electric Co., Ltd.

15:00-15:30 How to cope with the technical challenges in the development of high-power and highly-integrated aircraft power system and to provide driving force for the electric aircraft in the future?
Hamilton & Sundstrand

15:30-15:50 Afternoon Coffee Break and Networking

15:50-16:20 To establish key technology verification for high lift system of civil aircrafts and realize the efficient connection with C919 manufacture by utilizing the subcontracting platform
AVIC Qingan Group Co., Ltd.

16:20-16:50 To shorten the design cycle of high lift system and define the new round of technical development

16:50 End of Day One


October 23rd, 2013

Session IV Airworthiness Certification Requirements
9:00-9:40 Airworthiness certification policies of EM systems

9:40-10:20 Aircraft certification process – new challenges in the international environment

10:20-10:50 Morning Coffee Break and Networking

10:50-11:30 Case Study of aircraft seat airworthiness certification - learn from the experience of the international supply chain cooperation

Session V Environmental Control and Lifesaving System
11:30-12:10 To select a proper environment control system for domestic jumbo jet among various systems of different structures
AVIC First Aircraft Design Research Institute

12:10-14:00 Networking Luncheon

14:00-14:40 International technology cooperation of environment control system and the experience of dealing with the challenges of IP management

14:40-15:20 The application of anti-icing system in the domestic civil aircraft and its challenges and countermeasures in the future development
AVIC Wuhan Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.


October 23rd, 2013

15:20-15:40 Afternoon Coffee Break and Networking

15:40-16:20 To build an anti-icing system of light weight and high efficiency for civil aircrafts

16:20-17:00 To learn from the international experience and determine various considerations in the design of life saving system for domestic jumbo jet
AVIC Aerospace Life-support Industries Ltd.

17:00 End of the Conference


October 24th, 2013

9:00 Departure from the hotel

10:00 Arrival at AVIC Qingan Group Co., Ltd.

10:00-11:30 Academic site visit at AVIC Qingan Group Co., Ltd.

11:30 Departure from AVIC Qingan Group Co., Ltd.

12:00 Round table luncheon

13:30-16:00 Site tour in Xi’an city

17:00 Arrival at the hotel & End of the site tour