CATF 2018 Speakers

Topics in Details

●How to Ensure that the Development of Civil Aviation in High-speed While Maintaining Acceptable Safety Level
●One Key to the Successful Implementation of Safety Regulation is to Attain a “Just Culture”?
●LOSA- Assess Potential Threats and Risks From More Accurate Flight Information
●How Different‘levels’of UPRT Influence Various Stages of a Professional Pilot’s Career
●Effects and Subsequent Effects After Operation of CCAR-121-R5
●SMS- the Next Step in the Evolution of Safety in Aviation
●The New Initial – VR Technology Combine with Training
●Aviation Training Requirements Under the Guidance of New Technologies
●The Actual Effect of HUD
●Create a More Relaxed and Active Training Environment through Gamification Training
●Application of Eye-tracking Technology in Flight Simulator
●Case Study of How Hainan Airlines Implement ACPC
●The Standards of Simulator Operator Quality Assessment
●How to Make Full Use of Existing Training and How to Broaden the Training Means to Curb Technology Decline.
●How to Deal with Time and Venue Restrictions in Aviation Training After the Expansion of Aircraft Fleet and Route Scale?
●Lessons from Work on Reduced Crew Operations
●How to Further Develop EBT and Integrate into the Existing Curriculum
●How to Build a Complete and Efficient System from Trainee to Captain
●New Aircraft Pilot Training Implementation
●peration Feedback and Stability Analysis of ARJ


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