The Italian Aerospace Network (IAN) is a private no-profit association of Italian SMEs headquartered nearby Milan Malpensa Airport, hometown of major European manufacturing hub, and direct presence on the Chinese market. Members of IAN are vertically integrated to supply Chinese based companies. IAN provides a wide range of technologies and innovations, promotional activities, sales and contracting support, on-site after sales service and local engineering with its own locations in Shanghai and Xi'an.

The IAMF is the network for the international promotion of the aerospace industry of the State of Israel.
The goal of the IAMF is to strengthen and enhance the Israeli Aerospace Industry international awareness and competitiveness.
  To this purpose, the IAMF promotes the national and international profiling of the State of Israel as key aerospace location and realizes new strategies and measures for the support of the Aerospace Industry.

Published monthly, Airliner World is the world's largest selling commercial aviation magazine. Dedicated to bringing its readers the latest developments from across the global airline scene, Airliner World has a worldwide following comprising both industry readers and commercial aviation enthusiasts.

AOPA cloud aviation electricity business began to attract investment, 10000+ core users waiting for you!AOPA cloud mall based on aircraft owners and Pilots Association of china and AOPA cloud platform (, with our general aviation enthusiasts as the core, focusing in aviation circles to meet the public users different needs of the aviation goods. AOPA cloud platform have accumulated tens of thousands of public users and a number of aviation professionals.

Copybook- Airport is a leading online B2B platform with the latest news and developments in the aviation industry from across the globe. Reach buyers with our multimedia-rich profiles including articles, videos, images, social media and more. 
Effectively promote your products and services to potential customers worldwide. Looking for a particular product or service? From cargo and aircraft products to security and IT solutions. Want to stay up to date with a specific sector? Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest info straight to your mailbox. 
Copybook- Airport is part of the Copybook Global Business Network.

Flight Story Aviation Network ( a the Dongming international Aviation media's professional aviation community website depth reports, is China Aviation Media Network Alliance (CNAMA) initiating and governing units, authoritative view of the organic integration of real-time aviation information professional perspective, providing quality, original news and reviews of the best aviation crowd.

China Aviation Media Group (CAM) is the largest aviation/aerospace media publishing and information services group in China. It was formed by the merger of International Aviation Group (IAG), the leading aviation professional magazines group, and Aviation Industry Press (AIP), the leading aviation and engineering book publisher in China, and Beijing Aerospace Audio-Video Press, the only audio &video publishing house of aerospace.

Global Aviator was launched mid-2009 and in the past four years has shown constant growth with an ever-increasing readership.
Readers have been provided with a magazine on which the emphasis has always been excel lent quality with articles ranging from pilot experiences, technical, aircraft and helicopters test flights, news from around South Africa as well as from the USA, United Kingdom and Europe written by well-known international journalists.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design China (AMDC), in a strategic editorial partnership with GIE Media's Aerospace Manufacturing and Design and a team of authoritative editorial advisers in China, is published four times a year. AMDC has been providing the latest information on industry developments and technology innovations for China's aviation parts and components manufacturers, designers, engineers, aircraft builders and decision makers. For suppliers, AMDC is an effective multimedia platform which provides the latest information on their products and services in print and digital formats as well as interactive magazine Apps with video links on iTunes and Google Play.

By end-June 2011, has over 8,800 personal users and 1,100 media professionals subscribing to its civil aviation newsletter service. Furthermore, some 22,000 subscribers are receiving its regular recruitment listings as maintains a career profile database of more than 38,000 registered industry professionals. Also, there are 4,000 companies and enterprises registered on the Yellow Pages section of, covering the entire aviation industry, which includes but not limited to airlines, airports, manufacturers and MROs.
According to its statistics, registered users on have totaled 560,000 with some 90,000 being aviation professionals, at least 451,000 are frequent flyers and aviation enthusiasts as well as several thousands of enterprise users.

Aeroengine & Gas Turbine Controlled by the Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Thermal Physics, Aerospace Engine Research Institute, and many other postdoctoral due to a common academic and professional hobbies initiated, mainly engaged in aeroengine and gas turbine two power field, Including industry dynamics, technology development and engineering cases.

MRO Business Today is a premier industry fortnightly digital e-News Magazine that is distributed to more than 8,000 high profile MRO professionals worldwide.  Additionally, it also generates worldwide readership through its website (  Our digital magazine finds it way directly to their mail boxes every fortnight with all the relevant and latest news from the MRO Industry.  The Aviation industry is growing at an annual rate of 4.5 percent requiring about 33,000 new passenger and dedicated freighter aircraft at a value of USD 5.2 trillion over the next 20 years. Maintenance, Repair and overhaul (MRO) is an integral requirement of Aviation industry. With the estimated growth of the Aviation industry, there will be a corresponding growth in the MRO industry as well. MRO business market is expected to grow from USD 10.2 billion in 2016 to USD 13.8 billion in 2025 at a growth rate of 3.5 percent. Rapid expansion of transport infrastructure in emerging markets would necessitate the highest growth rate of MRO in developing countries. The objective of MRO Business Today is to be a bridge between the airline companies on one hand and the various sections of the MRO industry so that there is dissemination of valuable information between them thereby helping the growth of the MRO industry. `

China General Aviation Network is a nationwide general aviation professional official web portal and industry media technically supported by both Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning General Aviation Academy. The website is an information service platform for GA industry scientific development, aiming at leading general aviation trends and serving the whole country.

CNCOPTER is the first website focusing on the development and research of the helicopter industry in China. Our main target is to study and integrate the domestic helicopter demand and development by supplying the latest and most comprehensive helicopter materials including plenty of introduction, pictures, news and so on in the helicopter industry. Designing a different web page for each helicopter model in the world to record its developing history in the industry is our goal. CNCOPTER includes the following ten columns: latest news, driving training and skills, policy and legislation, products, companies and organizations, pictures, videos, elites, procurements with rich contents.

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