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﹥ China Commercial Aircraft Engine Changjiang 1000A uses GEnx composite fan blades technology

The modern jet aircraft should fly faster, more highly and more quietly than before. Now GEnx composite fan blades technology is applied on the China Commercial Aircraft Engine Changjiang 1000A. This composite fan blade is created by GE because of the development of modern turbofan engine, which also applies on the GE 90 and GEnx series of aircraft engines.

﹥ The misunderstanding of material qualification in China

Until now, the application of domestic and oversea composites on the civil aircrafts basically adopt FAR25(CCAR25), which means Material A has passed the TC identification of Company I and applied on the aircraft of this company, if Material A also w ants to apply on the aircraft of Company II, Material A should do the same identification work as Company I. In other words, actually the materials and composites which have applied on oversea civil aircrafts can't directly apply on domestic large aircraft in China. In this sense, the workload of material identification and structure verification on the domestic and oversea aircrafts is absolutely same.

China's Aircraft Industry

Aerospace Materials and Process Technology are moving very rapidly. In order to keep up with the momentum of change in the world's air transport sector as a whole, China's aerospace manufacturing sector decided to upgrade their technology/facilities from component level to sub and final assemble level.

In the case of C919, the use of most advanced structural materials as Aluminum Alloy, Polymer Matrix composite and Titanium Alloy reach 57%, 25% and 7% respectively. But China still has a long way to make a breaking through in one of the nation's weak point.

China's Aero Engine Industry

According to the forecast, buyers in China could require nearly 16,000 commercial turbofan engines in the next 20 years. This data together with restrictions referring to the amelioration of fuel-efficiency and security of airplanes leads to extensive demands. In order to support a time and cost-efficient implementation of required product innovations into airplanes, the need for China to establish a fast, reliable and knowledge-based manufacturing process is very obvious.

Division of labor of C919 Project

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