Manufacturing Industry anew become the commanding heights of the global economic competition. China is the world's first power in manufacturing industry, however, it is still in the mid to late industrialization on the whole. Aerospace industry is the strategic industry in China. China aerospace industry has develop into a new stage with the successful research and delivery of ARJ-21 and the smooth progress of project C919. China attaches great importance to aerospace industry. The aim of "Made in China 2025" is the key breakthrough, to narrow the gap between Chinese and Western and enter the ranks of world manufacturing powers. "Strategic emerging industry 13th five years plan" and "reform of the supply side in aerospace industry" further support the development of China aerospace industry.

According to the 《BOEING MARKET OUTLOOK(2016-2035)》, it is expected that 6,810 new aircraft valued about 1 trillion USD will be delivered for use in replacement and development support of fleets in China. Among which, approximately 140 regional jets will be delivered; 5,110 single-aisle jets will be delivered; and 1,560 dual-aisle jets will be delivered. The market in China is the fastest-growing market and its share of Chinese passenger aircraft fleet will increase from the current 12% to 18% in 2035.

Against this background, the 8th activity, Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2017 will be held in Pullman Hotel, Shanghai, China on May 10th - 11th, 2017. These topics such as new process of China civil aircraft projects(C919, C929, ARJ-21), application of new materials, manufacturing technology, intelligent assembly, aerospace subcontracting, etc will be set through the communication with past participants, discussion with experts of organizing committee of CAIIF (whose members are China more than 20 major aerospace manufactures and R&D centers) and deep market research by 1 team in 1 month. The aim of Civil Aircraft International Industry Forum is to provide a professional and untrammeled communication platform for participants and promote the development of civil aircraft industry.

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